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Saying Thanks to all that support that we get (and time away from home)

Team Absolut had it annual dedication dinner on the 12th of November. The purpose of this dinner is to pay tribute to all the people in our lives that allow us to ride, leave home on holiday eves, spending money on 'useless' bike parts and..well you get the idea. Every year we have an official get together. With the expansion of the group, this has gotten to be a real tedious task. This year Bey Kha drew the short straw and had to find the one time when all the planets were aligned and most of us could meet. There has never been a problem finding a place or deciding what to eat, we just couldn't ever make it all together.

In record time Bey Kha cajoled (or maybe threatened) all of us to commit to a time within a few days of the first piece of mail going out. In fact, she's done so well, that we have decided to make her the Official scheduler for all future Team Absolut meals.

This year for the first time, we had a presentation ceremony. No one except maybe Old Man and Mother Superior knew about it but, the awards given out for the night were for :

Most Faithful Absolutee - Billy Goat
    - for keeping his bike while all around him were changing theirs

Most Refreshing Absolutee - Mother Superior
    - for keeping the entire Team Absolut hydrated after TTT

Most violent Absolutee - Bey Kha
    - no comment here. Too afraid of the consequences - Webmaster

Most C.O.W. (Coward of the Week) Awards for 2000 - Skin
   - for having the worst excuses and the constitution of a Soya bean

Webmaster of the Year - Beef
    - Yeah they had to give me something to write this.

Most faithful absolutee -
Billy Goat
Most refreshing absolutee -
Mother Superior
Most violent absolutee -
Bey Kha
Most C.O.W Awards for 2000 -
Webmaster of the year -
Beef (like there is anyone else?!)
What must I do to
get someone's attention?
If you all smile,
I'll pay for dinner
Same picture as before but with
one change..can you spot it?
Webmaster..spider..web, geddit? I am so tired from the race this morning
that this is the only face I can make
The toilet is that way...
No it's that way...

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