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How about this for the subject of a rant!!

Rant and raves...

..the arrival of Porkette reminds me about an article in the newspaper about mountain biking being one of the most dangerous activities. High occurences of broken collar bones, scrapes, bashed knees and ankles, broken front teeth et cetera et cetera.

Now get this:

It's proven that riding mountain bike can make you impotent or have irregular sperm shape in one study by a university in Austria.

So, what's the bottom line? Since the bottom line is so dependent on individual's bottom, here's some advice from riders young and old I've spoken to...

1. Get a proper saddle. Take your time to experiment with saddle. They are as varied and as personal as the rider. Get someone experienced to help you adjust the tilt and height. If your LBS doesn't know how to do it, take your business elsewhere.

2. Shift your sitting position frequently on a long ride. It may not be the most efficient but it helps prevent poor blood circulation.

3. Ride off the saddle once in a while. This is especially true for road ride where you spend long hours on the saddle.

4. Do not be mislead by ultra soft saddle. Very soft saddle does not provide any support at all. It feels comfy to your touch but with your full body weight, you'll be sitting on hard plastic shell.

5. If all else fails... here's the best advice we can give. As a service to the community, TeamAbsolut is most grateful to accept your super stiff Kleins as donation. We might even give your a token of appreciation. You can walk away rest assured that your manhood will no longer be challenged and we'll promise your bike a good caring home :-)


OM (2 healthy kids, riding since 13)

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