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This section is special. We like to let of steam and talk about current issues and some old ones. Sometimes (most times) we complain about stuff we see and feel. Other times we just want to get stuff off our chests. We invite to read on and share out pain… You may not agree with anything you read here but you will be mildly amused (and maybe a little disturbed)

This section was created to serve one single purpose to say what we wanted about what we like and hate about anything. From time to time, members of teamabsolut (the partially educated ones, anyway) will be writing to get things of their chest. Maybe you've felt the same way about these things as well but could never find a place to express your views.

The way it works for now is that only members of the team will be allowed to post. But if this catches on...who knows. So if you read something here you like (or don't like) drop us a line with your comments and we'll post them next to the article (or not)

World Domination™? Maybe...