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Observations of a White Snake Oil Salesman

If you're new to cycling in S'pore, here's some information for you, some may be useful but mostly useless. I am also keen to hear from your personal experience, whether from Singapore or rest of the world.
Drop me an e-mail at oldman@teamabsolut.net if you have any comments or experience to share.

Over the years and a couple of near misses, here are my observations about riding behavior and to some extent driving behavior on Singapore roads...
1. If you turn on your indicators before switching lanes, most drivers quickly speed up to close the gap. Is there something wrong about giving way or am I missing out something? Luckily, this behavior is not too pronounced towards cyclists.

2. Drivers will try to squeeze you onto the kerb and kill you if you ride too close to the sides. You're better off riding at least 3 feet from the kerb especially on a narrow road and maintain a fast or moderate pace.

3. Single-deck bus drivers do NOT like cyclists. Period. Perhaps they feet we intrude on their space since we share the same lane. Double-decker drivers are strangely more tolerant.

4. Roadies in Singapore do NOT like to be passed by mountain bikers on the road. If you have a chance, try it and observe that you're suddenly magnetic even if you're riding an aluminum or plastic bike.

5. Like other roadies around the world, generally roadies are more aloof and elitist. This arguement however, never comes up when Team Absolut meets.

6. Most pure roadies in Singapore are highly evolved shrimp-like creatures weighing less than 60 kg.

7. Singapore has probably the highest concentration of downhill bikes with triple-clamp forks for a land with hardly any hills.

8. 'Teh tarik' from Indian stalls are the favorite beverage for bikers in Singapore. Forget 'bout high-tech energy drinks, Gatorade, etc...Real cyclists in Singapore drink the real stuff and weekend cyclists drink high-tech beverages!

9. Roadies have great affinity to cement trucks. Cement truck drivers are perhaps ex-cyclist?

10. The only road-users more scary than bus-drivers are cab drivers. They just plain do NOT like cyclists. They love pulling right in front of you and then stopping to pick up passengers when you're going full-song. Maybe they love the facial contortions of cyclists jamming their tiny brakes in their rear-view mirrors.

11. In MTB race in Singapore, you are NOT allowed to be riding ahead of the 'expert' riders. They insist that you're blocking their progress even when you're 20 feet ahead and there's plenty of room to pass.

12. Most cyclists do not obey traffic lights. We're equally to blame for bad road manners.

Comments or criticism can be sent to oldman@teamabsolut.net

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