BRAKES - Hate them when they squeal, love them when they stop you from going over the edge...

I finally replaced my cheap Aceras (which works perfectly well for me!) with Shimano XTs V-brake (yr 2000 model). My cheap Aceras completely worn out after a year of faithful trying! V-brakes took me a long 5 rides to get comfortable with! Too much power and not enough modulation for me. Went over
the bar twice during a race because I just couldn't estimate the power! XT-s works also took me a lot of effort to tune out the squeal! Still using XTR cable and housing. Haven't change it and still works very well despite the lack of care. Cleaned and lubed 2x so far but I had it for more than a year.- Oldman
There is only one way to go-Shimano XT V-brakes 1997 model. They were the first V-brakes I have owned and I hope the last (cheapskate me). They have served me well over the last 4 years and 8 sets of pads and 2.5 sets of rims later. It takes time to get used to them but once broken in do well for a long time. I think its Shimano's plan to make us at least do a least one endo to remind us of the power of the V! Reasonably cheap (compared to XTRs) and work as well. Get them and use the money saved to buy beer.
So throw those Rabid Avids, ditch those hopeless Hopes and condemn the dire Dia-Compes, Shimano rules. -Doc
Not much different from the XT V’s. XT’s offer better value at around 2/3 the price. I sold my 1 year old XTRs and didn’t have to pay a single cent for brand new replacement XTs (they were old stocks on sale though) - Doc

Again, only use Shimano. Using XTRs but really, all you need are XTs. Works as well and costs less, but damn, that XTR grey is just sooooo nice looking. - Doc

I currently run the 2K XT version. Their stopping power is so good that I can actually slow down on some of the downhill sections at BTT. The brakes do make lots of noise when not adjusted with sub micron precision but it is a great way to tell the guy/gal in front, " Yo! You are so slow that I even have to brake!" Another important note is that the V brakes eliminated the need for a brake cable hanger. Remember the old pulleys on stems, cable hanger on headsets and forks? They are no more! This product not only improve stopping performance, it is also self contained. 5 tapeworms!!! - Elvis

Got the first generation or OEM ones. They work quite well when properly set up. Setting them up will probably drive you bonkers. These were the ones that didn’t have the tiny screw to adjust the distance of the pads from the rims. Think it’s called the return spring or something, but hey, I’m not a bike geek. You had to use a small spanner to adjust the nuts that thread onto the brake boss. Had to be constantly adjusted for pad wear. Total pain in the ass. - Wanker

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