All the other stuff. Strange that not many have done frame reviews. Well, until we get more, here's where they'll be.

Oakleys M-Frame. 
2nd pair after first pair lost in a race. Great style, high X-factor, great optics but older M-frame cracks easily. Both pairs suffered similar cracking, the frame, not the lens. - Oldman
The $15 "Oakley" Frogskins available at the local "nothing is real but can't complain about the price" shop in Far East Plaza. Make sure that they are 100% polarized or else it’s a quick trip to my friendly opthalmologist friend who will not give you a discount becos' you can afford to buy the $3000 piece of metal that moves on 2 wheels. Don't forget I said that here! - Doc
Giant TCR Compact Road
It was exciting to see a Taiwanese company getting into the big time by sponsoring ONCE, one of the world's top professional racing teams. Not only that, it gets in with a totally radical bike with sloping top tube, loud yellow and black paint job and unique aero carbon seat post and fork. What a bang! Although the bike that I'm riding is the mass production version of what team ONCE rides, it is close enough if you don't stare at the welds too long. This bike is fast, tight and stable. It lunges forward with every input. The best thing is the price. The Alu frame with full Shimano Ultegra, a pair of Mavic Open Pros and carbon fork costs less that 2.5K. With this bike, your hard earn money goes to the material, design and shipping...not the paid holidays of some high zoot bike companies' employee's claim they must have in order to produce quality. 5 tapeworms for Giant. - Elvis
Klein Pulse Pro
The Trek made, "budget" one, not the original. Excellent aluminium hard tail frame. Not really cheap, but performs better and is lighter than other brands high-end frames. Costs as much as other brands high-end frames as well. Problem with the paint though. Found bubbles along the top tube around the cable guide welds and the paint also chips easily. Waiting for my replacement frame to come (4 months and still counting….), it has lifetime warranty from Treknology, you know (blatant advertising plug again) - Wanker
Dean Colonel Ti
At one point, I just had to have a ti bike, thinking that it’s gonna last me a lifetime. Never belief that crap that a ti bike will last you a lifetime. Your attention span won’t! After 2 years, you’ll want a new bike.
Anyway, the Dean was good value for money, relatively speaking. Cheaper than Merlin and Litespeed, workmanship was better than Litespeed, plus the DEAN logo was just so cool and understated. That was back in ’97 though. Can’t say the same now as the new Dean’s workmanship seems a little less refined, plus I think their new logo and decals are, how shall I put this…….just no so nice anymore.
Still, it has to be one of the better value 3/2.5 ti frames around. Lighter and cheaper than the Merlin Taiga, which isn’t full 3/2.5, plus the geometry suited me better. - Wanker
Cycle Sport
If there is an Ansel Adams for landscape photography, there's Graham Watson for cycling photography. There is no better way to admire his work than to grab a copy of Cycle Sport magazine. The print quality is excellent and it is as close as you can get to world class cycling in soccer infested Singapore. Kudos to Borders and Kinokuniya for bringing the magazine in for our viewing pleasure and not wraping it in plastic. Not that it makes any difference since I would buy it either way. 5 tapeworms. - Elvis
Mountain Speed Spring
Springs were all the rage back when RockShox's elastomer sprung Judys didn't quite deliver the kind of performance mountain bikers were looking for, or should I say the Mountain Bike Action Wrecking Crews. It is a love hate relationship with this product. First of all, it revived my rusty...I mean trusty 95 RockShox Judy. It transformed the Judy from "Thud" to "Zud" when hitting a bump. Although not as buttery smooth as the latest air forks, it feels nice enough when riding it. The part I hate is that the upgrade wiped out all excuses to buy one of those SIDs or X-Flys...Boo Hoo. - Elvis
Marzocchi Z5. 
The lowest end fork of the Bomber series. Heavyweight, or should I say rock-solid. Reasonably good shocks but after 1 year, it finally gave up the ghost, its fluid rather. Leaking oil from the right stanchion due to a worn seal. Holds air pretty well though for a cheap shock. Not much adjustability as the air chamber is really small. Schrader valve is accessible with gas-station pump though. Now that's a bonus for me. - Oldman
Rock Shox Judy XC.
I decided to try coil-sprung shocks since I hate the thought of blown shocks though it never happened to me throughout my one-year ride with the Zoke Z5. Still a heavy shock but better sensitivity and linearity in response. Not much adjustability either, not that I can be bothered. I usually ride at close to max preload and it tracks pretty well in that setting for me. - Oldman
Shell Synthetic Motor Oil. 
I used this on my chain since I had some leftover from my oil-change for my car. Definitely lubricates as well as any other chain oil I've used but it lurves dirt and mud. Hard to keep my chain clean after that. - Oldman
Cane Creek CT2 Headset.
I have no luck with this reputable brand. Maybe it's just me, but my Cane Creek creaks no matter how I tightened or grease the parts. Seized after 1 month of rainy weather use. - Oldman
LUBE Dri-Lube.

Doesn't seem to work at all. Leaves a layer of white crud on my chain. Bad! - Oldman

SIDI Techno Fire MTB
This is revenge time. I got this pair of SIDI MTB shoes (black) because they were so cool and Bartman wore it to take the Olympic gold. But these shoes are not for the Asian climate or any unsponsored riders. The soles started to delaminate after 1 month of use. In fact, the orange outsole fell off during a group ride making them walk like a pair of road shoes. When I emailed SIDI, I received no reply. I took the shoes to the Singapore dealers hoping for an exchange but to no avail. They could only offer a pair of new shoes at a discount. Not wanting to suffer the same consequences, I took their road shoes instead and that's why I am wearing SIDI for road riding. For the rigors of off road riding, I wear Shimano's because until SIDI do something about their product and customer service, They SUCK!!! No tapeworms for SIDI. In fact they have to give me some. - Elvis
I love this brand. Ask anyone on the team. All my stuff is from Nike. I wish I could work there...but.. I HATE these shoes. I bought them from a mail order place for huge $$$. After about six months of use, they BROKE! Right where the cleat is screwed into the sole. I wrote Nike in the US and they told me to bring the shoes to the local office for action. Victory of the little man I thought. I guess they just wanted me to make the trip down so that they could put a face to another sucker that bought these lame shoes. Local office told me "No worldwide recall for these shoes so forget it!" After much wrangling and feet stomping I did get these shoes exchanged (not at the local office though). And guess what..they broke again...in the same place. No more Nike MTB shoes for me. The problem is that the shoe flexes right at that point due to the stress caused by studs that you screw in. If Nike would have listened to the rest of us, they probably wouldn't have had this problem.
These shoes are on sale at a whole bunch of mail order places now..DON"T BUT THEM AT ANY PRICE!!! If you think this is just one person's isolated incident, go to www.mtbr.com and check out what the rest of the world thinks of these shoes. I am not alone... - Beef
Klein Quantum Race
By now, you would have guessed that I like Kleins. Traded in my old steel road bike for this one. Takes some time to get used to the way it handles. Elvis says it feels nervous. You have to pay attention or your front wheel will start to wander. Maybe Kleins have a tendency to stray too. Hmmmmm………maybe that’s why I like them.
Again, problem with the paint. Bubbles started to form around the cable guides again. Got my replacement already. Lifetime warranty again, in case you forgot. (Eh Haresh, do I get commission for this??) Y2K model some more. Just love that white-silver fade paint. Love the old green-purple fade paint on the old one as well, but I have a short attention span, so……….. - Wanker
2001 Trek 5900

I did not walk into the store planning to buy a new bike but I made 2 mistakes. First I picked it up. This bike was unbelievably light. Considering that I was already riding a Trek 5500, it was amazing. Second mistake, I took it out for a test ride. This bike was amazing. It felt rocket fast. So to cut a long story short, I sold my left arm and bought the bike. It has been nothing but pure joy to ride. Of course with a full Shimano Dura-Ace group it is pretty hard to go wrong. For the techno geeks, this bike is not quite the exact replica of Lance’s mountain steed. The wheels are Rolf’s and I have the front STI lever. I don’t really know about the angles and all that but the bike handles well although I did lose it taking a 90 degree corner at speed. No real damage to either the bike or me. (Phew!) I just wished that it cost less and guess what, Trek did. They released a 5700. Same great frame, same wheels, Ultegra groupset. Go get one. - Beef

Cateye Opticube (3 white LEDs):
Super bright LED lamps. Long battery life when used in flashing mode. Works great until the mounting bracket cracked under it's own weight! Now it rattles at every little paint strip on the road. - Oldman

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