Sometimes Doc forgets where he is and who he's talking too. So when the subject of tapeworms was brought up by Oldman, Doc just had to use his medical knowledge to educate us. Enjoy - webmaster

The cure for tapeworms is usually medical. The drug used is called Albendazole (it'll give you the shits and you will see the offending organisms as you read the morning Straits Times or for the less read amongst you, MountainBike or MBAction). Some of them will be dead tape but some will be wriggling tapes.

It (Albendazole) will also cure you of the cycling variety of TAPEWORMS but that works by giving you diarrhoea. This incapacitates you so much that you can't ride, thus causing you not to lust after bike parts.

That also reminds me of reading some tropical medicine text some years back. I remember that TAPEWORMS afflict humans so much so that the classic physical description is that of a thin, Stick-like human with just Skin and bones. This is due to the Tapeworns competing for the food that the patient ingests. Please do not confuse these poor malnourished individuals with the skinny emaciated variety who used to visit Batam, Bintan,Thailand and Geylang and take part in high risk sports (MTBing and Road racing being also a high risk sport)

Anyone suspecting anyone with Tapeworms (medical and cycling variety) please feel free to contact me at doc@teamabsolut.net for a decently-priced consultation (I need to save up for my Seven Odonata, see to appreciate at www.sevencycles.com)


Tapeworm is not good for you (the medical type)

Having TAPEWORMS is part of SBL (Severe Bike Lust)

Buy Shimano brand Albendazole to make sure that the tapes don’t wriggle in the morning.

AAA WSO is not an alternative to Albendazole.

Live long and Ride long.

Now back to the real stuff:

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