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Here's opening the can of T.A.P.E.W.O.R.M.S. (Team Absolut Product Experience, Warning, Observation, Remarks and Misjudgment) for the fellow riders.

Why another product evaluation/report?

Because we BUY the goods with our hard-earned cash, and we have to live with our purchase. We have to justify to our wives/ hubbies/ girlfriends/ boyfriends/ dogs/ cats why we always spend money on bike parts/frame when their uncles/aunties never had any problems with their 200 dollars clunker.

The lucky magazine editors can rant and rave and give liberal recommendations on new products because they don't have to pay, they don't have to live with a badly designed products for the next ride. And they always ride expert class, not the same as the rest of us who work for a living.

Please be reminded that any bad experience we had may be an isolated incident and is not statically significant, so your mileage may vary... Here's what we cover

BRAKES - Need to know what stops and what doesn't. We know. We share.

CONTACT - 3 points of contact on the bike. We know them all and then some

COVERS - We like clothes. They hide a lot...

DRIVETRAIN - The most neglected part of the bike, until it fails...

MISC - All other stuff that doesn't fit into the 6 categories

OUTSIDE - Ever needed 'outside' help with your riding performance. WADA stay away

TIRES - Err... I think this one is obvious.

WHEELS - Rims, complete wheelsets. We help you decide...

REAL - You will not believe how many mails we get asking us for advice on what to do about tapeworms. The internet is a funny place. So we had to put up some real

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