TIRES OR TYRES depending on which side of the pond you hail. In Singapore it doesn't matter how you spell it as long as you ride..

Specialized Ground Zero.
I don't have much confidence cornering with this tire. I always have the fear of the front washing out suddenly without warning after it happened to me once on gravel esses. However, it wears very well. - Oldman
Michelin Comp Lite (rear).
I like this tire! It works very well for me. Unfortunately, it doesn't wear well and they're rather expensive. If I have the cash, I'll probably buy it again. - Oldman
Panarace Smoke (rear).
I like this tire but not as much as the Michelin. I don't have very long term experience with this one because I suffered a nasty 2 cm sidewall cut on this one before replacing it with the Michelin. - Oldman
Panaracer Fire XC Pros.
I recommend those ubiquitous Panaracers Fire X Pros. Yellow's the recommended colour, followed by blue. Great tyres for all kinds of terrain at a reasonable price. - Doc
Panaracer Fire XC Pro
I have to agree with Doc on this. These are the tires of the season. I have switched all my bikes to these tires. The best thing about this tire other than its great grip in dry and muddy conditions is the strength of its sidewalls. One of the problems that I had with the Specialized tires was that at lower pressures the tries would roll out from under me. When taking corners at speed, this is not the most desirable of characteristics. So two thumbs up from me. Suitable for both front and rear use, these tires will get you up any hill. The only complaint that I have is that in heavy rain or a water logged trail, the tires don't seem to perform as well. But as soon as the trail turns to mud, they're back on. And I ride the red ones..- Beef
Michelin Hot S
I must confess that I was attracted to this tire because of it's color. The entire tire, save the sidewall is a bright almost luminous red. The rest of the team hate this tire complaining that it blinds them and all that. The next thing that you notice about this tire is that it has a huge cross section. This tire is suppose to be for cross country riding but it looks like a downhill tire. I have it set up on the rear of the STP and it only just clears the seatstays. The sidewall strength of this tire is amazing. I once rode from the steps on BTT to the carpark with a flat and the tire still held its shape. And I weight close to 200lbs. So the tire is heavy but if you're going on an epic ride, put this on your hoops. - Beef
Ritchey Speedmax
Bought these on a whim. Turned out to be a good buy. This was around the time that people were riding to World's medals on semi slicks. The tires are super fast at high pressure but need the trail to be super dry in order to work well. We don't get much of that 'super dry trail' here with all the rain but when we do I am out there riding these. - Beef
Specialized Cannibal
These were the last of the Umma Gumma tires that Specialized made. I used them until the sidewall broke. One of the problems that we natural sidewall tires have is that they don't seem to last very long. After about 4 months of use, you can start to see the pattern under the sidewall. Not long after that, the side will give way. Works well when they're new otherwise stay away. - Beef
IRC Mythos XC
Probably the best I’ve tried so far, in 2.1" size. Works well for all trail types and the Singapore weather, and wears quite well. Good value for money. - Wanker
Bontrager Revolt Semi Slicks
Excellent fast tyre for DRY conditions only. Worse than past expiration date WSO if conditions are even slightly wet. Looks good though, makes the bike look fast and pro even though the rider isn’t. - Wanker
IRC Mythos
This is a great set of tires. Lots of traction and very smooth on the road. They wear pretty good too. Great value for money. 4 tapeworms. 5 tapeworms if they come with black side walls. - Elvis
Panaracer FireFox XC.
My experience with this tyre is very favorable. Very good grip on muddy tropical weather. Shed mud very well. However, despite the anti-snakebite claim, my tyre sufferred 3 snake-bites during one ride. You need to inflate the tyre pretty high to avoid snake bites with this tyre. - Oldman
Michelin Wildgripper Comp S. (rear)
Moved to these tires after the panaracers gave up. Superb traction in wet or dry. The critical thing is finding the right pressure to run. 35 psi seems to work for me. Tire stays on the trail through mud, leaves and whatever the trail can throw at you. - Beef
Michelin Wildgripper XL S.
Again the front replacement for the Panaracers. This one is in green and is a great match for the Comp S. Again, tire pressure is critical. I had a horrid time finding it, and 45 psi seems to work well. At this pressure, the sidewall holds up well during cornering. No pinch flats so far. - Beef
IRC Paperlite aqua
Good all weather road tire. Red colored side strips look good too. Wears a little fast though. - Wanker
Continental GP3000
Good, sticky tire. Quite difficult to get it moving, probably ‘cos I had 25c’s on and a little on the heavy side. Bits of the tire tear quite easily as well, not the sidestrip but the main tire itself. Always found little tears and holes on them. - Wanker
Specialized Team Turbo
Just put them on 2 months ago. So far so good, no complains yet. Plus the red sides and the white lettering are totally stylo man! Now I gotta change my blue rims to red ones to match! - Wanker
Vittoria 3TTT
For the road, the Vittorias 3TTT are great and race proven by Elephantino himself. currently the Vredesteins tricomps on my road bike are great and guess what? They come in yellow too! - Doc
Vredestein slicks.
Great comfortable tires for my harsh 'Dale. I never expect such a difference from these rubber. Very sure and predictable feel, what more can I say. Will have to wait and see how long they'll last. Nice but expensive. Highly recommended for harsh aluminum fat-tubes.- Oldman
Grand Prix 3000 23c clinchers. 
I have had these tires for a while now. They're good all-around tires for both wet and dry. Very durable and predictable. I've inflated upto 130 psi without any problem but most of the time I ride with the recommended 120 psi. - Oldman
Maxxis Super Legere Slick:
Very nice and light. Can take 130 psi without any problem. Great tire for the price but rather quick wearing. Not advisable to use super light inner tubes as it's prone to puncture after about 1000 km. - Oldman

would not recommend the old Specialized controls, they wash out too easily in loose terrain. Ah! for the days of Tioga Farmer Johns and nephews. There was only one choice then. - Doc

TIRES WTB Velociraptor
My 2nd favorite tyre. Had it on my first bike, so that probably explains why. Lasted for ages though the later ones that I tried (sometime last year) didn’t wear well at all. I had knobs falling off the tyre after only about 2 months riding. Wondered if they were suffering from leprosy. - Wanker

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