Wheels are the cheapest upgrade you can make on a bike (as far as weight savings per dollar are concerned). Limited budget, spend it here..

Rode Syncros XLR for a year. Very light and very weak. Completely trashed the rims with my regular ride (about 50 p.s.i.) front and rear. Feels very fast though. Currently riding Mavic 517s. Excellent so far, compared to the Syncros. Had only 2 deep dings so far riding the same way, same pressure, some route.
Needs truing twice so far (about 1 year riding). - Oldman
Mavic 2001 Ksyrium hoops.
I lurve these wheels. What can I say? They're light, fast and very quiet. Compared to my previous Mavic Open Sub, they definitely spin up faster but much more sensitive to crosswinds. It still holds true after one recent crash in a race, not that I expect otherwise. It is definitely stiff enuff for my 65 kg and my lousy sprinting ability despite setting my brake shoes close to the rims. This is one of my better buys, definitely. - Oldman
Mavic Ksyrium SSC:
Excellent ride characteristics. Spins up very well and sufficiently stiff laterally. Somewhat sensitive to side wind as compared to traditional 32 spokes Open Sub. Aluminum spokes are prone to oxidation/corrosion though. Badly designed plastic spoke-guard between biggest cog and spoke. Advise to discard the guard as it rotates relative to the spokes and will eat into the soft aluminum spokes. Happened to every wheelset! Wheel still true after more than 2500 km. Rider weight: 65 - 66 kg. Used on Singapore quality road (very good condition). - Oldman
Contrary to Old Man's review on the Syncro's XLR rims, my Syncros XLTs (30g heavier but mucho stronger) lasted me a lifetime (Syncro's motto being "Hammer & Ride, more like used to be….) The lesson here being that lighter doesn't mean better, just that you get to change your stuff more often which is not a bad thing.
I now run Mavic 517s. Great rims, especially when mine come in lime-yellow! Recommend them.

Am using the Shimano Ultegra wheelsets on my road steed at the moment. What can I say? Cool looking on the move and when stationary. Works like a Shimano component should and they are light. Wait for the long term test results that’ll follow. - Doc
XTR hubs circa 1996 are the best, slim looking and smooth as a babies’ b**t. Looks better than the "how xiao" new chunky ones available nowadays except for the >1997 XTRs.
As well put by Wankie, DO NOT buy the Machine Techs. Nuff said. - Doc

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