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I was planning to summarize the things that we do at year-end as I did in the past but there was so much happening in the past 8 months and I know my memory will not hold that long. Also, I might be too lazy to write later 'cos I much prefer to ride. So, here's an account of the happenings at TeamAbsolut. We hope you have as much fun riding as we did.

If not, why not join in the fun!! We always welcome riders about our level or better. (Welcome, Greg !!) We apologize for not taking in real beginners because most absolutees are busy ppl and most of us 'only' get 2x a week to play and we seriously want to improve ourselves with what little time we have. We really like riders better than us because nothing wind up absolutees better than a wild goose chase! So if any of you betta-bikers out here willing to help your weaker brethren, we will be most grateful. Thanks Spiderman!

Here's OM reflection/trivia/observations for the Y2001.

This year, Absolutees were even more active in the local race scene then Y2K and we are happy to break new grounds again...

1. Absolutees took part in road race as virgin road racers in the SACA Criterium Race on the 19 August 2001. For a race report, read contribution by Sting. No, we did not place on the podium, but our boys managed to mix it up with the men. We will be back, stronger, wiser and older, we dunno how to achieve the first 2 brave words but we will! No ROTFLOL, please...

2. Our never-say-die Beykha took part in Adventure Quest. God bless her little heart! Absolutee made it to TV!

3. Congratulations to Absolutees who successfully completed the BikeAid ride across Malaysia and helped raised money and awareness for the cause. Absolutees made it to the press!

4. Absolutees will compete in our first time-trial in September if all goes all planned! So, we wish our boys well. When all else fail, remember our motto:

Shut up and drink. Hic hic hic!

5. The arms race has definitely toned down this year after the massive expenditure last year. In my memory serves me well, we have a new Fuel, two new GTs, and a new Intense. Perhaps the economic doom and gloom is putting a severe headwind into our spending habits.(We don't call him OM for nothing, check the list out at the end of this article, it's way more than 4 new bikes - webmaster)

6. As usual, we write as much if not more than we ride, and more often than not, utter nonsense. Longest thread to date: Absolut news update generated 38 email exchange in 4 days! Topic was...Skin blowing up, which led to spinning theory, which led to ladies riding in petticoat, which led to categorization of IJ girls, which led to... Don't ask me how it happenned!

7. Lamest excuse for TTT/BTT absence, aka the COW Award (Chicken Of the Week Award) recipient goes to: Wanker. "..it's raining over here"

8. First blood of Y2001: Geek on 22 July, making a nice XTR tattoo on his calf but stubbornly refused our famous White Snake Oil treatment. Grown man afraid of pain :-)

9. Smallest group ride: 4. Our all time record: 2.

10. Largest group ride this year: 12

11. Best race position: 1st (Spiderman in NUS biathlon)

12. As usual, our mid-year pig out was a great success. About 13 absolutees showed up and we adjourned to Geek's place for more red wine and bull (no, not Red Bull) about 10 pm. We were entertained by a hilariously drunk Cocopops who'd been drinking since 11 am. What spirit!

13. Armstrong's dominance in the Tour created many new Postal fans out of teamabsolut. Our Telekom fans were shattered. I suspect many Absolutees are dreaming of Trek frames for the next arms race! LBS take note.

14. Favorite absolut livery of the year: US Postal of course.

15. Most talked about stage in the TdF among absolutees: The Look, Stage10

16. ABSOLUTly productive year for absolutees: 2 babies (Porky + Geek) and 2 wedding (Pain + BillyGoat). Congratulations and best wishes from us all!

17. Number of SMM done this year: 7 (upto time of writing). Looks like this madness has become a routine for the hardcore absolutees.

18. Absolut-ly Number 1 in our team in terms of speed and mileage: Spiderman. We openly suspect he's on some secret 'supplements' and he's never once denied it!

Great equipment tester too! Spiderman managed to crack his frame. Like I said, this guy must be on steroids. So, bike manufacturers out there, if you want free test mule, talk to us :-)

19. What absolutees bought since the last update:

GT frame, (Elvis)
GT frame, (Wheelie Mike)
Trek Fuel 100, (Greg)
Trek Fuel 100, (Sandman)
Trek 5900 (Stick)
Bianchi (Spiderman)
St. Andreas Mountain Cycle, (jeremy)
Intense, (Wheelie Mike)
Fisher Sugar 2 (Doc)
Klein Attitude (Lardo)
Polar HRM (Beef, OM, Doc)
Shimano M220 Racing Shoes (Elvis, Doc, OM)

20. Lastly, I am still cracking by noggin thinking what we can do for a memorable ADD. We truly owe this to our special someone for allowing us to sneak in another regular ride (SMM) into our routine. Any ideas? cheers and happy spinning, grinding, whatever!

Comments or criticism can be sent to oldman@teamabsolut.net

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