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2002 – A Watershed Year for TeamAbsolut

 Oh, what a year!

After more that 6 months of talking (nothing new by TA standards), TA finally decided enough is enough and we should make our own team jersey and we’re going to do road racing. If we were going to embarrass ourselves, we’re going to do it in style. Coach and Beef offered a few designs for TA logo and after the votes were counted, we ended up with what you now see on our front page. Getting the sponsorship was a new challenge for us as we have not much to offer to the potential sponsors in terms of reputation nor publicity. Bike racing in Singapore is just a fringe sport with hardly any spectators or media coverage. But thanks to Cocopops/SINS Chocolate, Heinz/Marche Restaurant, Freedom/Hammergel, Counsellor/Treknology 3, and Coach, we managed to add some color decals to our black and white jerseys.

Our first race in TA colors generated a lot of curiosity. Some were genuinely curious as to who we are and those who knew some of us were poking fun at “Team Ab-Sluts”. A bunch of clowns going racing? So, mission 1 accomplished, we did get our due recognition.  When Spiderman and Wheelie did us proud in the road races and mountain bike races, I think other racers were surprised and no longer laughed. After a few races, TA was actually quite well-recognized. We earned our respect. For our racing exploits, read contributions by Sting, our resident writer/racer/mad scientist/psychologist/sports analyst. We were now accepted into the local cycling fraternity as “one of  them” and Lippy actually did well enough to be the overall champion in the Sports Cat. Very well done indeed, Lippy! Apart from Lippy, Spiderman, Wheelie, Porky, BKC, et al, we were very happy and honored to have Mongoose and Pocket Rocket from University of Michigan, Martin from Germany, Frederik from Belgium, and Bruce from the States racing in our colors. We are proud to be a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-talented institution! In 2002, we competed in road races, mountain bike races, and adventure races. Proof that lots of hot air and White Snake Oil can do as good a job as the United Nations in uniting the world. TA is now represented by Singaporeans, Malaysians, Bruneians, Americans, Australians, Germans, Belgians and Swiss.

To our sponsors, I think we did represent you well. At the very least, I had a few chances to introduce Singapore’s premier boutique chocolates to a few uninitiated, the Moo-moo cow logo generated lots of questions about Marche, I am a convert of Hammergel (really, that goo works for long rides!!) and Treknology 3 is as always, THE bike shop with the biggest selection of road and mountain gears. TA was in the press, on TV, competed in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

Absolut Ups and Downs in 2002…

J       We did very well in our first year of road racing. We came out tops in the Sports Cat at the end! I don’t think we can beat that.

J       Our ADD (Annual Dedication Dinner) was attended by almost every Absolutees as well as our sponsors. We had a great time at Marche.

J       Our mid-year pig-out had a good turn-out as well.

J       We had our first Oktoberfest at Marche.

J       Record number of new riders from US, Europe, and of course Singapore

J       We got our first team jerseys

J       We definitely improved our fitness and speed as a group

J       Our website has the most complete pictures of all the SACA races

J       Thank God, no serious accidents though there were spectacular crashes courtesy of Diesel (TTT) and Fangio (Bike Bash)


L       SMM ride has shrunk to an average of 5 riders

L       2 occurrences of helmetless Absolutees during TTT/SMM

L       TA did not compete in the Master’s cat of Team Time Trial due to illness and injury

L       TTT is threatening to put in as much calories as we burn. A bunch of us are now regularly doing the TTT part 2 (Thursday Teh Tarik) after our TTT part 1 (Thursday Torture Train). I must say it’s a great way to enjoy a cup of tea though, all in the name of recovery.

 Absolut Statistics

1  best overall placing of Absolutee (road racing)
2 smallest turnout for TTT & SMM
3 highest number of DNFs in races (Young Man)
3 number of pig-outs we had last year
4  best placing of Absolutee in MTB race
5  number of new bikes bought (2 Tandems, 1 Santa-Cruz, 1 Merlin, 1 Prince, 1 Schwinn)
18  largest turnout for TTT in 2002
85    (kilometers) shortest Deep Eve we’ve done, thanks to Wanker’s light-bulb suggestion
11k estimated highest amount spent by an Absolutee on a single bike
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