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2008 reflections...

It's 2008 and we're back! 2007 was a black hole in teamabsolut's log. We actually let our website go into sleep mode. But it's not because we didn't ride, but we didn't write. For the record, we did well in 2007. We won races we participated, but now to 2008...

When Beef decided to update our website, I knew he's going to ask me to say something. Well, I am older and more jaded now. You know what people say about getting old, losing your sense of fun, losing your memory, becoming grouchy and cynical, etc.. So, that's my excuse for avoiding the keyboard.

Truth is, Absolutees did not lose our sense of fun, but sadly, we lost many riders over the past 2 years to work/studies or end of contract in Singapore. OTOH, we also see injection of fresh new faces thanks in part to Z-man. Our World Domination™ sputtered but we did not lose focus. We didn't get many ride queries over the internet which is not surprising since our website badly need updating, but we are active as ever on the road, if not on the trail.

Speaking of trails, that brings me to my observation of cycling in Singapore. A while back, I predicted mountain biking is going to fade in Singapore and rest of the world because of the push towards free-rides and down-hilling. Well, I think I am correct. Free rides, North Shore rides and downhill rides are simply too specialized, too technical, and too difficult for most people to participate. This kills the sport but thankfully, there is hope in Singapore. DirTraction has done a wonderful job in promoting the sport, making new trails, and building up the sport locally. For all the hard work, results must surely follow, I am sure.

On the road, the situation is rosier than ever. Road cycling is getting extremely popular in Singapore. A few years ago, we were the only one riding Thurs nites in the west, but now we see other clubs and regular rides besides our TTT. Even more telling is our SMM. We used to see only ANZA and Cycleworx on Saturday morning rides, but now I see at least 4 other regular groups on Saturday mornings. And I am sure every regular road cyclist knows about the Longhouse! Cycling has received a lot more press coverage in Singapore over the past 2 years. It's no longer a fringe sport in Singapore and now, it's common place to see cyclists on the road. This can only be good for all of us and our wonderful sport. Motorists are becoming more accustomed to see us on the road and generally more tolerant to road sharing. I have not encountered dangerous bus drivers for the past 2 years. For that, a big thank you to the bus drivers, the motorists, the traffic police, SACA, and everyone else for making the road safer for all.

For 2009, we hope cycling continues to grow in Singapore and some of you guys and gals find T@ to be your home. We hope you enjoy our revamped website and some of the gibberish we said brings a knowing smile to all our fellow cyclists. We have new pictures from races and video to prove that we are still riding, still wining, and not making up stories. Ride safe and enjoy the road ahead...

Cheers! OldMan and rest of Absolutees

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