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And now for something completely different

Cycling means different things to different people at different times. Over the years I have had the change to meet and talk to commuter cyclists, road-racers, tri-geeks, mountain bikers, BMXers, rigshaw "ahpek", "karang-guni" man, ice-cream man, postman, newspaper delivery man,schoolboy cyclists, female cyclist, macho-shit cyclist, chicken-shit cyclist, RAAM cyclist, touring cyclist, even bicycle thief,... Some I admire, some amuses me, some I dislike, some I sympathize, but whatever it is, we connect in certain remote ways. So, I thought it'll be neat to reveal a little bit of our emotions to fellow cyclists and non-cyclists alike who Absolutees are. If you're a cyclist, you'll probably share some of the same  and if you're not a cyclist, I hope we can connect someday...

Happiness is    
.... when I'm out riding my bike - Sting
.... 1 meter after the top of the hill - OM
.... the sound of 30 cleats clicking in simultaneously -
.... cement mixer cruising at 50 - OM
....  a chance to MTB and discover new trails - Beykha
.... discovering a Seven under the Christmas tree - Keith
(this thread continues so look for this color - webmaster)
.... having strong, tireless, quick recovering, quick spinnin', hill flattening legs propelling flawless tactical maneuvers on rides - Elvis
.... Riding a mountain bike with my Gal - Freedom
.......keeping up with the TAs - Greg
....after a collision bad enough to break a bike, i only
.... being able to ride a new bike one week after a  .... Having great looking people with even greater looking bikes to ride with - Porky
.... a fast ride, a fast car, a fast woman, a fast workday - Cocopop

Frustration is :
.... it's still weeks to Christmas - Keith

.... when I get a flat while in a fast moving pack -
saddle cos new trails are too challenging, both uphill and downhill -
.... getting caught at red light when almost bridging
and you

Disappointment is :
... when nobody turns up for a group ride - Sting

... all geared up but no where to ride - OM
... jump, no..not yet, jump, oops it's too late - OM
... it's 8:30 pm Thursday nite and I am still in the office - OM
... when you take a spill after you finally work up the balls and guts to keep your butt on saddle when going down the #@$#
steep downhills - Beykha
... when you realise it's not the new Duo - Keith
... golf being shown on local TV when the rest of the cycling world gets to watch Lance Armstrong destroying everyone on L'Alpe D'Huez -
... getting new SPD's & they don't CLICK IN on Race Day! - Freedom
.......can't keep up despite training - Greg
.......Finding out after blowing $5000 that it is not

Anger is :  
... when I get cutoff by motorists - Sting
... chain suck at the bottom of the hill - OM
... when you discover new scars on legs and body (again!)
after a spill - Beykha 
... the card says, "To OM,...." - Keith

... almost getting killed on the road by some rude, self serving, couldn't care less, pea brained motorists - Elvis
... Rude mountain bikers who yell profanities to you to get out of the way - Freedom
........having to travel on TTT nights - Greg
.......against people that don't understand cyclists (eg bus drivers, old folks except OM & Keith etc) - Porky
.... idiotic transport workers (i.e. drivers) who play "who's your daddy" with
your life - Energizer
 .... having to ride behind vehicles spewing noxious fumes -

Relief is  
... getting a wheel to suck in a fast moving pack - Sting
... 1 meter from the top of the hill - OM
... when some people like OM still appreciate gals with
scars and stitches..:)- Beykha
... Santa stuck the wrong card on! (Sorry OM!) - Keith
... knowing that a loving God is in control of all things (my cycling included)- Elvis
... there are still alot of cool & friendly bikers out there - Freedom
.....there is always someone waiting up for me - Greg

......that Rolf Satellite hub just needed a little cleaning/tightening and lubing (thank god....) - Porky
..... finding that you still have bigger cogs when you blow up uphill - Energizer
.......finding out that nothing is broken after the crash - Cocopop

cheers and happy spinning!


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