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After many years and miles of riding, we have gathered many insights. We offer them to you, the lessons we have learnt, the pain we have felt, so that you may benefit from it. Some of this is general information, some of it is highly specialized, some of it may be completely wrong! You just have to figure out which is which.

Read on and keep in mind, we just a bunch of cyclists, we’re not trying to change the world.At least that’s our story and we are sticking with it.

None of this World Domination™ stuff that you have seen throughout the site…


2000 Reflections

2001 Reflections

2002 Reflections

2002 Reflections - Sting

2003 Reflections

2004 Reflections

2006 Reflections

2008 Reflections





Group Riding Skills

Bike Position Tips

Riding In Singapore

Road Test

Mamikon's Theory

Thomson Ride - An Outsider's View

Zen & the Art of Wheelsucking