OK this is the lowdown....

Here we are (OM, YM, and the star Elvis with me 3 bikes behind) muddling along to Team Omarson. We hurtled onwards to the end of the trail.

Mid way through the track there's a present from the PUB with a pipe that runs perpendicular to the trail. However they only decided to fill the right half of it.....

It is wet, its muddy and Elvis tries the well tested method called tailgating behind Young Man(Yong En). OM jumps the gap, Young Man does a cool right sideswipe and Elvis is left with 0.000001s to decide as to what his performance will be. I paid $10 for the front row seat.

The KHS decides that the owner is more daring than it is. It dives in to the ground. Elvis is quick with his synapses, he lets fly with his legs...over his head, a cool 1m above the pivot which his arms and head. He does a quadruple somersault with a 180 degree twist and lands on is left side clear of the KHS....I knew it! The piece of True Temper had more brains.

Ka Thud!...the ground shakes and the judges(Me) gives him 9.9 To get the perfect 10, it should have been a 360 degree twist with him landing on his Time Cleats.

Post show, the team Quack gives him a once over physical and warns him of dire consequences if the AAA WSO is not applied. OM, the team pharmacist, obliges and all is well.

See photos for the wonderful healing qualities of AAA WSO.
crash1 Crash 2
Blood Drive at BTT I can turn my arm all the way around... That isn't good is it? I'm sure my teeth are 
under here somewhere

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