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Medium Rare

Beef. Why? Cos he looks like a side of it. Well, he did when he first met OM and Doc at BTT, things have changed since then. He is currently employed as an engineer but he thinks that if he didn’t have this job, that it wouldn’t be all bad to just do NOTHING!

Beef has been riding for 29 years and in that time he has amassed a collection of bikes : a Raleigh Chopper, a Kuwuhara ZX1 BMX bike, a Guerciotti Road Bike, a chrome aluminum Vitus 979, a Trek OCLV 5200, Trek 930, Marin Indian Fire Trail, Balance AL750, Trek 9.9 Pro OCLV, Trek OCLV 5900. His current rides are a Cervelo R3, Trek 5900 Project One, Trek 8500 and a Trek STP 400.

There are a bunch of people that have influenced him to ride and they are the kampung boys in his neighborhood. His dream road bike is the Cervelo that he has. He only wished that it came in a choice of colors instead of the standard white. His dream mountain bike was the Trek 9.9 Pro. But he broke it so where do you go from here? World Domination™ I guess...

In the years that he has been riding the best advice received on riding is ‘Drink only on the flats or going downhill’ and ‘don’t slow down once you’ve crested the hill.’ The best advice he has given on riding is ‘Don’t ride behind Doc!’ (sorry Doc!)

He has a strange idea of his best cycling moment : Crashing during a race (cos he didn’t have to finish it). His worse cycling moment : Getting his Marin stolen from outside his room in college.

His best bike related purchase is his '09 Cervelo R3 and his worst bike related purchase : Nike Cairns MTB shoes. (check out the flames in Tapeworm)

He has a big best non-bike related purchase, his Volvo V70.
His worst non-bike related purchase tickets to ‘Silence of the Hams.’ And ‘Lord of The Rings.’ (terrible show)

Comments or criticism can be sent to beef@teamabsolut.net

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