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Walk Softly & Carry A Big Stick

Big stick came to us via the web. (So it pays to advertise). He started out with the Big Kahuna. OM and Beef are still trying to figure out how he ended up with it. So when they figure it out, we’ll let everyone out there know. He current employs himself to run a couple of businesses ranging from work in the cleaning industry, the food and beverage industry and the best one, teaching people to fly microlights in Desaru. In any case, he thinks that if he weren’t doing this, that he would be working for himself doing something else. He did work as a lawyer for a while but decided that being a suit didn’t fit him.

He didn’t own any bikes of significance until in 1977 when he bought a Team Raleigh with Shimano 600EX parts. His current bike is a trek 5200 OCLV with full Shimano Ultegra. Since ’77 he been on and off the bike until September ’03 when he started riding with Team Absolut. And how’s this for inspirational, Big Stick came back to riding after seeing Lance win the ’03 tour. He took out his check book and headed out to buy a new bike.

His dream road bike is one that goes fast with little effort, has women screaming “take me home with you” as he rides past and most importantly is self-cleaning. His mountain bike dream is the same with one additional feature, a gyroscope to prevent if from falling over when he does.

The best ‘advice’ that he has received on riding is to take your foot out of the cleat before the bike stops moving. He got this just as he was leaving the bike store for the first time. With this his wisdom tht would like to pass on is that ‘if you have to look behind you to check out whether you’ve dropped your friends while drafting a bus at 70 kmh, do so only momentarily.’

In keeping with what seems to be a trend of glory and pain in the same frame, his best cycling moment was sprinting past everyone on the last lap of a school organized race in 1978. His worse moment was on the next lap when he discovered that it was the last lap.

Best bike related purchase, his Trek 5200. His worst cycling purchase is that same Trek 5200 cos of the suffering that it gives him on Thursday nights.

While on the subject of best and worst, his best non bike related purchase was Microsoft at US$22.50 and his worst was Microsoft at US$30.00.

Comments or criticism can be sent to bigstick@teamabsolut.net

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