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Sugar Daddy

Cocopops got his name coz’ he works as a machine operator in a choc factory. (well sort of, if you consider being a machine operator means running the choc factory). But his thinks his real calling in life is to be the chief prison warden of a women’s-only penitentiary.

Coco has been riding for 3 years and has owned a bunch of bikes like a Motioncraft Chopper, OlmoRacer, Specialized Hard Rock and Kona Kilauea. After getting rid of all of these, he settled on a Cannondale MTB Tandem, Giant TCR-2 and a Bastardized Litespeed OBED.

Although Coco insists that the person that most influenced him to ride (and spend money on bikes) is Elvis, Elvis denies it. Unlike most of us, Coco thinks that he has already achieved bicycle nirvana as he has his dream road bike (the Giant TCR-2). His dream mountain bike is Litespeed Ti full suspension.

Working with food, his best riding advice received is “eh, wear underarm deodorant!” Full of wisdom, his best piece of advice is to follow the imaginary down line, although he confesses that he still cannot imagine the line!

Best cycling moment was finishing a mtb race despite a bloodied arm. (No pix folks sorry). His worse cycling moment came along Lornie road one long night ride, left behind by still-strong riders at the 80km mark. (he’s talking about the rest of us!)

His best bike related purchase is his super-duper floor pump with twin heads! no more fumbling with o-rings! His worst bike related purchase was a blinking CATEYE light that blinked bright in the shop, not when he took it on the 1st ride.
His best non-bike related purchase is his fridge, with auto ice-maker, crusher, dispenser...
And here is something quite un-Singaporean his worst non-bike related purchase is an insurance policy

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