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Singapore Ink...?

You may notice a growing trend of people having nicks when they join T@. While this is good, a nick more likely sticks only when it is given due to something momentous that has happened and that all present can relate to. Sometimes, the ‘imported’ nicks don’t stick. Having that said, D or Darryl Tattoo does not fall into the latter category. Since D is the first letter of his name and his tattoos are not going away anytime soon, we think this will work.

He currently works for the most exciting beverage company in the world, Red Bull (this isn’t their tagline, just me – webmaster) But he has very clear plans of what he would be doing otherwise, which is investing in an all bike & surf shop (but with a better name) and ‘Living the Fixie and Surfer Dude life.’

He’s been riding for many years but only seriously over the last three. He’s owned a BMX bike, Muddy Fox MTB, Marin MTB, Fusion (his first road bike), Soul titanium and a BMC MTB. His current rides are a Cervelo P2C, Niner MTB, BMC Pro Machine and an Affinity Fixie.

The person that tranformed him from a recreational rider to a more ‘serious’ rider is Zeeman. (Once again part of the plan for World Domination™… this one to Austria) He feels that his current BMC Pro Machine is his dream road bike. While he isn’t too much of a MTBer, he thinks that his Niner is pretty cool and it may his dream MTB bike if it were lighter!

Best advice received : Suck That Wheel. Best advice given to anyone who would listen : Just Whack It!

His current best cycling moment is riding his fixie, no brakes downhill... ‘Steem ah!’ His worst cycling moment was when he crashed into a drain once upon a time on his Muddy Fox. ‘Young and Dumb. I actually saw the world in YELLOW.’

His best bike related purchases are his Zipps! 303s and 606s because 404s are normal and common. (This is a dig at Beef who is thinking of buying a pair…) Being a careful shopper, he has yet to make a bad purchase.

His best non-bike related purchase is his Nissan R33 that he drove when he was in Australia. His worst non-bike related purchase was a pair of leather Zara slippers. They looked dope, but were horribly made.


Comments or criticism can be sent to darryl@teamabsolut.net

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