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Diesel joined T@ in January, 2002. Since the name OldMan was already taken his riding style provided his name. It should be noted that Beef cajoled, encouraged, and watched over Diesel for several weeks……waiting for him to finally make the Tuas turn-around. Two years later Diesel was able to ride in the middle of the pack on the ride to Tuas. Pain, Beef, Porky, SpiderMan, Doc, OldMan, Wanker Stick, Max, Elvis, and Giddyap all supported Diesel during those growth years.

He works as the Director of IT for Singapore American School. If he wasn’t doing his current job he would lead bicycle tours OR be a “handyman” with a set of tools in the back of a pickup.

Diesel has been riding bicycles for more than 50 years……yes bicycles did have pneumatic tires that long ago. Bikes in Nebraska came in three styles in those days “heavy weight”, “middle weight” and “lightweight” and 2 sizes 24” and 26”…..most with bendix brakes. His first bike was resurrected from a barn in Nebraska…….tires flat and well used a 26” heavyweight Wards. As bendix brakes became worn they still providing stopping power but the minute you chose to pedal while standing the bendix would slip……hence the name “ball breakers”.

After delivering papers for a period of time he was able to graduate to a “middle weight” bike with real fenders. No more lines of mud on his back.

Cycling took a hiatus for the next 30 years. A position in Greeley, Colorado introduced him to a cycling enthusiast that convinced him he should ride again. The enthusiast had made coast to coast and border to border solo rides. Ever the gullible person he purchases a Schwinn mountain bike…….without suspension. During his 3rd ride…….on a grand and glorious November Saturday, he went far beyond his meager abilities. The trail passed a nearly vertically drop on one side of a ravine, passed over a speed bump and up the other side of the ravine. Obviously the more speed you have the easier it is to make it up the opposite side…………until you hit the speed bump, part company with your bike, and slam into the side of the ravine. He was knocked out, broke 3 ribs and walked for 8 km to reach a vehicle for the two hour drive to a hospital.

He added a used Bianchi road bike to his stable…..and rode it on several centuries in Colorado. The Bianchi was sold after two years and replaced with a Klein Stage in April, 1998. He brought the Stage to Singapore.

Denver is known for a large bicycle swap event held annually in the Merchandise Mart. Many of the local sponsored riders unload excess gear. It is also a time to make excellent buys from dealers. He purchased a Specialized full suspension FSR far below list in the fall of 1999. The maiden ride was his first time using clip-in pedals on a mountain bike. Naturally his first ride followed all of his other experiences in that he exceeded his abilities. He was riding up a ridge……failed to hop a log and ended up sliding down the side of the ridge on his back through a cactus patch. Other riders showed appropriate concern as they asked “Is the bike alright?”

He purchased a used Klein mountain bike when he arrived in Singapore. It is rarely used as much of his time is spent on his Trek 5500. He plans to trade the Trek after he clocks over 60,000 km. The Trek is his favorite race bike…..if only an over 60 category would be available for all races.

He tries to ride 250 km to 300 km per week often at 4:30 am in order to stay competitive with the rest of T@. He was told that it takes 7 years to reach your true capabilities as a rider. He counts his first rides with T@ in January 2002 as the start of his training investment. This year, 2009, he should be peak.

Ride Safe - Diesel

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