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Elvis Lives

His name is Elvis. The story is long and interesting. Its been so long that we don’t really remember why but it’s got something to do with excusing himself for not showing up for TTT because his relatives had come to visit and OM said,"Yah, and I saw Elvis too..." So that’s it.
Boring current job is as a Assistant Project Manager (Mechanical Design). But job most likely is Garage Inventor. His bike history goes back 10 years (excluding BMX time). Bikes ridden during that time include GT Timberline, '92 GT Zaskar, Thin Blue Line Turbulent (Litespeed Obed), KHS Team and a Miyata Ti. His current ride is a '01 GT Zaskar Race for the trail and a Giant TCR for the road.
The person that most influenced him to ride (and keep riding) is that fat guy in the mirror.
There is a whole list of bikes that he has lusted over. It begins with Bianchi, Principia, De Rosa, Klein and Look. But he would still like to own a Colnago as an obligation to complete himself as a roadie.
His dream mountain bike is a Ritchey P-21. Why? Cos it just seems so nice to ride on.
The best advice he’s received on riding is look far ahead. His tried and tested advice is to always wear a helmet. He can attest to the value of this as he has done many a live test. His best cycling moments are whenever he has a strong day. And his worst day is the opposite : Any bonking day. His best bike purchase is his Chris King head set. His worst bike related purchase is a SIDI MTB shoes. It delaminated after a few wet rides. He has complained about this in TAPEWORM.
His best non-bike related purchase is his flat. His worst non-bike purchase is his Quantum Bigfoot Hard Disk. He doesn’t say why but he just thinks so.

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