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Look into the Abyss

His nickname is Evil. This was not so much given but earned. Our version is that no matter how fast we ride on TTT or SMM, there will always be someone going around on the outside with an evil grin urging us to ‘go faster!’ Guess who?

He currently work as a Operations Director but is quite clear that he would be a biker bum or a surfer given the chance. Not being able to surf is not an obstacle to this goal…

He’s been riding since the late 70’s. Don’t bother to try to figure out how old he his. He going to be passing you anyway…

He has a long list of bikes owned. Roadbikes: Peugeot, 2 Fuji’s, Schwin Prologue; Custom Frames: Cutter, Steelman. Mountain: 2 Bridgestone MB3’s and probably some more but he cannot remember. His current bikes: 2 SyCips and an Original Santa Cruz Bontrager in extension cord orange (what a name!) plus a Giant TT that may or may not be on permanent loan.

No one in particular influenced him to ride. He grew up in California and he and his best friend decided to start riding while in high school, back when bell-bottoms were popular the first time.(!!) They rode from Monterrey to Los Angeles in tennis shoes and shorts. Took them 4 days. A guy named Big-Joe definitely gets credit for hooking him on racing. “Greg Lemond was the guy to watch back then. Lance was a young guy, years later, who showed up to some of our local races. I remember a friend commenting about the fast tri-geek who was racing in our area.”

His dream road bike is some kind of custom carbon.

The best advice received on riding: “It never gets easier, you just get faster. Closely followed by being told to slow down. Always going hard is not the way to get faster. The body needs some down time to recover and rebuild.” His advice is that ‘if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong so change it.’

His best cycling moment probably his last ride, whenever that was. A close second was mountain biking at night in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the Peninsula near San Francisco. “At night you can do all the trails that are prohibited during the day. No one sees you then.” His worst cycling moment are probably hypothermia at Pope Valley, broken bones and commuting in Singapore. Drivers are so ‘friendly’ here.

His best bike related purchase: Probably my first road bike, and it’s upgrade to 6 speed from 5, or 7, or 8, or 9, or 10 … It was a true 10 speed. He should also add his first custom frame, in fact all of the custom frames. His worst bike related purchase is any odometer ever made. He hate those things. They are completely pointless. Who cares how fast, or how far? That’s not the goal … see best advice. Similarly a heart rate monitor. It showed him when he goes hard, his heart beats fast, less so when he slow down. You need a monitor for that?

His best non-bike related purchase was a 1992 Honda Civic SI, with a Bazooka tube and an amplifier with way too much power. Great car, better stereo. His worst non-bike related purchase? A few stocks come to mind.

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