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Fangio got his name from OM who likes Ferraris and used to give him a run for his money during the sprints. If you need more of an explanation, you have not been a F1 racing fan for long enough. We make may diverse references in this website! Fangio currently works as a 'research analyst.' And as luck would have it he would have been a race car driver if he was't doing this.

He has been riding since he was 6. He stopped at 14 and then started again in May 02. He just decided that he was going to ride again and no one was going to get in his way. OM ran into him at BTT one Sunday seven years ago, and the rest is history.

He's owned a Red kiddy bike with trainers, a brandless yellow BMX, a rigid cro-mo Marin hardtail, a 7spd Cannondale SR800 roadie and a Santa Cruz Superlight, a Iron Horse XC hardtail, Santa Cruz Roadster, Santa Cruz Bullit, Magmaa Ti road bike, OEM carbon road bike, On-One Inbred SS, On-One Inbred 29", Cotic 853 XC hardtail. He's given all of those up for his current rides which are a Cervelo Soloist, Niner RIP 9, On-One Scandal single speed, Pake fixie, Unbranded carbon tri bike.

And you know that since he's been into riding for a while, he going to have some pretty good choices for dream bikes. They are a Canyon Ultimate bike, Lightweight Wheels ad a Shimano 7900 Dura Ace groupset for the road. For the trails, he's pretty happy with his Niner RIP 9.

The person that has influenced him the most to ride is his good buddy Lynten Ong, who is now at TR Bikes.

The best advice he's received on riding is 'Don't ever say "Hey guys, watch this...."' And with that his advice is 'whatever you do, do ot say "Hey guys, watch this."'

His best cycling moment was riding in Glentress, Scotland. His worst cycling moment was just after he said, "Hey guys, watch this!"

His best purchase was his pair of Sidi shoes. His worst bike purchase was buying his Ironhorse in Australia.

Nice practical best non-bike purchase is a car. "Can't cycle everywhere, ya know.


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