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Fembot on the horizon

Her nick is Fembot. And there’s actually a good story behind it. Her triathlete teammates gave her the name after she did the 10K Real Run in the morning and then joined them for a 20K run in the evening. Phew… Her current title is English Teacher aka Pian Jiak. She could be teaching your kids… so think about it… It is however comforting to know that she aspires after higher goals. What lofty aim does she have? Like many of us, she would be a person of leisure, better know as a bum. A professional one at that!

She’s been riding for over 2 years and has been the proud owner of a Jamis Ventura Elite and a Pinarello F4.13. She currently rides an Orbea Orca. Like an increasing number of riders, the person who most influenced her to ride is Zeeman. He is doing a very good job of spreading the word of our plans for World Domination™. She thinks that her dream road bike is her current steed. Let’s see how long she feels that way. She doesn’t have a dream mountain, in fact, she is too chicken to try mountain-biking... pok pok pok keh!

The best she advice she has received on riding is that “the space between the double yellow lines is not the bike lane!” Zeeman passed this nugget to her on her first orientation ride when she was terrified of passing traffic and tried to ride as close to the kerb as possible. The best advice she can give all of you is to “Go ride Mount Faber!”

Her best cycling moment was finishing TA together with the main group on 12 Feb 2009! Her worst cycling moment was crashing into a black beemer on CNY eve in Feb 2007, shattered the left tail-lights with her right hand and had her arm in a cast for 2 weeks. Fortunately, there was no serious damage to the bike and she was back on it a month later. Her best bike-related purchase was her Bell helmet.

And the worst bike-related purchase was a rather dubious-looking salt stick. Her best non bike-related purchase is her dirty and smelly Suzuki Swift!

Comments or criticism can be sent to fembot@teamabsolut.net

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