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His nickname is Holyman. It used to be Nutz but we changed it when we discovered his true calling. He is called Holyman because he "rests on the Sabbath", meaning there's no training or racing on Sundays for this guy. He is currently going to school at Brigham Young University, and will be graduating in April 2010. There is no place that is safe from our plan for World Domination™.

He spent two years serving as a full-time missionary for his church from 2003-2005 in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Malaysia after completing his National Service.

He met Sandman while window shopping at Treknology Bikes 3. Sandman then convinced him to come down for TTT and the rest is history. He’s been riding since he got his first road bike which was on Christmas Eve 2001. His previously owned bikes only includes a Giant TCR 1. His current bikes include a Cervelo Soloist for racing, and a GiantBowery for cycling to school.

Even though he’s been riding for a couple of years, he hasn't been able to put his finger down on a dream bike. Since technology is always evolving, the concept of a dream bike doesn't seem applicable. And since he doesn’t mountain bike anymore, he doesn’t have a dream mountain bike… yet.

Holyman reasons that it was not a "who" that inspired him to ride, but a "what". The Trek 2000 catalogue was lying around at home for over a year after getting it from Treknology. He took it even though he thought he would never be able to afford any of the stuff inside. He finally drummed up enough motivation (and cash) to get a bike, and spent six months researching the bike market before settling on his Giant.

His best bike related purchases are his Oakley Pro-M sunglasses, because he can take it anywhere with him, even when he's not riding. His worst bike-related purchase are his X-lab Saddle Wing with Elite bottles and bottle cages. He bought it because he thought it would make him more aerodynamic, but after reading an article in Triathlete magazine regarding different bottle cage positions, he found that mounting your bottles onto your saddle actually increased drag. Besides that, he also found out that the water bottles they gave out at aid stations during triathlons were your standard water bottles, which couldn't fit onto his 'cool' Elite bottle cage, which would mean that he would have to go without water for 5-6 over hours during the bike leg of the Ironman.

His best non-bike related purchase is the iPhone. Actually it was a wedding gift from his wife.

His worst non-bike related purchase is his Polaroid camera, which he's used only once.

His best cycling moment came when he won a mountain bike competition held in Pulau Tekong, which is basically a military training facility. He won the race despite having zero experience with trail riding, and despite crashing twice. And for winning the race, the organisers gave him a bicycle, which he promptly sold so he could get better bike upgrades for himself.

His worst cycling moment came in that same race when he crashed twice, as a result of which he had to put up with the agony of bloodied palms, bloodied elbows, lacerated knees, and bruised hips; all of this while riding. Which explains why he's sworn off mountain biking.

For some reason he has not received any good advice from the rest of the T@ guys but he has some advice to give which is to wear gloves whenever you ride.

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