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A rare jem...

Jem came along to TA courtesy of Zeeman. His triathlete teammates call him Blackheart because of his wicked sense of humour. TA must be the most cerebral riding group in Singapore as we have 2 PhDs and 1 medical doctor. Jem considers himself a scientist and since that’s actually his job description, we'll leave it at that. We could tell you where he works but then you would know where all our cool, hi-tech, World Domination™ bike stuff comes from.

He can’t imagine not being a scientist so he hasn’t thought about doing any other type of job. He’s owned 2 bikes – a Trek 5.2 Madone and a Cervelo P2SL - in the last 5 years, which is also how long he’s been riding for. We are proud to say that he thinks the people who have most influenced him to ride are members from Team Absolut. His dream road bike is a Litespeed Blade with SRAM Red components and Zipp 606s (front 404 & rear 808). His dream mountain bike is a … he doesn’t have one. It’s been too long since he’s been on the trails. We will have to work on that.

The best advice he’s received on riding is “You need to get dropped... do not afraid to get dropped." The best advice he’s given on riding is to ride "till your legs stop moving." His best cycling moment came when climbing, non-stop, the 5 infamous hills during Laguna Phuket International Triathlon at the cost of his legs cramping up during the run! His worst cycling moment was his comeback ride after a long break to finish his thesis, when he could not ride another 10km home and had to pop by a nearby relative's place to ask for a lift! Fortunately, things have improved significantly since.

His best bike related purchase was the unbreakable Shimano Ultegra groupset that came with the Madone. He doesn’t really have any bad bike-related purchases… yet. Trek 5.2 Madone and a Cervelo P2SL His best non-bike related purchase is his wife's macbook air. “Never seen anything engineered and designed with such sleekness that is not flying in the air.” He regards any money spent on a trip to Bangkok as money wasted.

Comments or criticism can be sent to jem@teamabsolut.net

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