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Keith Just Keith

We’ve being looking high and low for a nickname for Keith but have not been able to find a suitable one. So for now, he is one that is without. He thinks that he’s too old for one anyway. Unlike most of us, he has a real job in the real world. He is currently working with ST Telemedia in Singapore after working for Indosat in Jakarta for 3.5 years where he was tasked with spreading T@'s plans for World Domination™. But we all agree that if he wasn’t doing that, he would be a race car driver.

He’s been riding for the past 30 something years but consistently for the past 12. He’s owned too many bikes in that time but he most recent ones are a Trek 950, Merlin Mountain, AMP B5, Trek 5900,Gary Fisher Sugar 1 and a LeMond. His current rides are a Ellsworth Epiphany, Seven Odanata and a Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe.

The person that most influenced him to ride is an ex-girlfriend!

To ask someone, who owns a custom built Seven Odanata, what their dream bike is is asking for a beating. Keith is no different but wouldn't mind a Pinarello Prince SL as a backup. Keeping with the Seven theme, his dream mountain bike is a Seven Duo. Riding for 30 years and the best advice he’s received is, “don’t fall” And this is the same advice that he will pass on as his own. Keith strongly believes that all members of T@ should mountain bike. But this is a view he shares on his own.

His best cycling moment was the view at the summit of a 'hill' in Bukit Tinggi (Indonesia) that took more than 1 hour to climb.

His worst cycling moments are when he doesn’t take his own advice and crashes.

His best bike related purchase is a King Ti bottle cage. And his worst? Air B tubes.

His best non-bike related purchase is a bottle of 1958 Chateau Latour. His worst non-bike related purchase is a Nikon F80


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