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His nickname is Lippy. But he doesn’t talk much. So he can’t really figure out why we call him that. He's a mechaical engineer and if he didn't have that job, he would still be doing something interesting like....engineering. He's in his eighth year of riding and has owned a few bikes. He started with a Wheeler steel, then a Giant TCR. He sold this and bought a Litespeed Tuscany and Trek OCLV 5500. He has since moved on to a Trek Madone 6.9SL and a OEM Taiwan Carbon TT frame.

Lippy thinks that the person that most influenced him to ride is his ex-biathlon captain & Lance. His doesn't have a dream road bike but his dream road wheels are a pair of Campagnolo Bora wheels. Like some of the other absolutes he has yet to cross over to mountain biking so he doesn’t have a dream mountain bike…yet. The best advice he’s received on riding is that it's not about the bike!

His advice to all beginners is riding is fun.

His best cycling moment was the 2003 SACA NTU race which he won with the help of his good friend Samuel. His worst cycling moment was in a race crash in the 2003 SACA Changi Criterium. His best bike related purchase are his Reynolds DV46 tubular wheels. His worst bike related purchase ws a pair of American Classic wheels which were a total failure.

His best non-bike related purchase was a pair of tickets to Hokkaido with his wife, Dawn. And like many people these days, his worst no-bike related purchase were Vietnam Lion Capital Funds



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