Hari Raya Haji Pilgrimage ? The (Metric) Century that Wasn't
The Promise

OM's > Jln Buroh > Boon Lay >Lim Chu Kang > Neo Tiew >Woodlands >Khalsa Ave >Sembawang >Jalan Kayu >Old Tampines Rd >Pasir Ris >Changi Village >Changi Coastal >Nicoll Highway >Keppel Rd >Pasir Panjang >OM's

We met at 9pm at OM's place in high spirits. Everyone was excited at the thought of covering a 3-digit distance that night, and in fact, the route jointly suggested by Spiderman and Energizer would cover 120km. OM gave a short safety briefing amidst much jokes and teasing before we set off. Initially, traffic along Jln Buroh was quiet but picked up as we turned into Boon Lay. Road works and exhaust spewing in our faces made Boon Lay a trial but that stretch was thankfully short. The pace picked up as we entered Jln Bahar (outside NTU) and once at Lim Chu Kang, everyone took the cue to go onto the drops and spin. Breakaway group(s) consisting of the usual culprits (who arr??) broke off and the group stringed out along Neo Tiew, before stopping for a break at Kranji Dam. And nope, we didn't lose anybody nor pick up any extra rider along Lim Chu Kang!

After Kranji Dam, we turned through Woodlands Ave into Woodlands Central. At that point, some of us behind thought there was supposed to be a coffee shop break but that didn't materialize! Instead we continued along Gambas Ave, Yishun and then Seletar Dam. (At this point, astute readers will realize that we have started to deviate from our planned route somewhat.) Seletar Dam was Paris-Roubaix in the dark, and instead of spectators, we had cars parked at the side with the lights off, engine running and windows steamed up, dutifully obeying the street sign that said 'Hump Ahead'! At which point, we were forced to take a break as two riders (OM & Alexander) suffered flats. The rest of us drank and complained about cycling in the dark.

Some were running out of water and somehow we started to assume that we would be stopping at Jln Kayu. Others made crude jokes about the steamy cars and looked forward to Changi Village, which takes on a new character at night.

Finally, the flats were repaired and we pedalled off, now somewhat slower, to Jln Kayu. We were tantalizingly near the coffee shops along Jln Kayu but the group didn't seem to be stopping and before we knew what happened, we emerged from the other end of Jalan Kayu! At that point, the ride started to go a little downhill by then, as many of us were starting to feel quite thirsty and hungry (i.e. bonking out!), and the group called for a fuel stop at the Shell station along Yio Chu Kang Rd. After tanking up and munching on various bars, drinks and whatever choice secret fuel, the group met to discuss the subsequent route. Some riders wanted to go back to OM's place already, while others were game to continue to Changi. Yet others wanted to modify the route and go back earlier, but still make the 100km mark. It was here that the ride really went downhill as there wasn't a clear consensus on the modified  route (although we were definitely not going on to Changi as initially planned) before we set off.

We sort of knew we were supposed to be headed towards Upper Thomson, Thomson and Lornie Rd. By the time we reached Thomson Rd, the group had disintegrated, somehow Energizer and Spiderman went off and somehow ended up waiting at the Adam Rd hawker centre, yet some almost went off toward Nee Soon. A few who were at the tail end of the group went on to Holland V. Then Beef called OM while we were took a confused break at Holland V to say that the lead group was waiting at OM's place already! The errant two from Adam Rd hawker centre made handphone contact and joined us at Holland V, and we headed back to OM's via North, then South Buona Vista Road.

Back at OM's carpark, there was much grumbling as the group tried to piece together what happened. Most gave up and decided to head on home, though OM did suggest to finish the ride properly by going to Jurong Island or a few container loops. No brave souls were willing to take up the offer, so the group went off, mostly hungry, into the night.

For pictures from the ride, click here

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