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Make Way for the Schwinn

His nickname is Machoman. We don’t really need to tell you why. All you have to do is look at him. It is the first name that will come to mind. He has been riding for about 21 years with a few well earned breaks in between. He use to work and live in Singapore, but we have decided that our plans for World Domination™ would be best served by shipping him off to Northern California to spread the word. Currently on one of those breaks, he thinks that he would.

In that time he has owned a few bikes but initially he made do with a Trek Cro-moly Road Bike for about 12 years, a '87 Trek 560P and a few lower end hardtails. Since then he’s moved up and he currently rides a Specialized S-works M4 Full Suspension, Trek 1500, a '99 Trek 700 (bought of Craiglist for US$300) and a Schwinn Fastback in Tri configuration. The person that most influenced him to ride was a friend who after his university days helped him find another form of exercise as he had shin splints from running.

His dream road bike would be a custom Seven or a Specialized Roubiax. But his still prefers concentrating more on his fitness than the bike! His dream mountain bike is a Santa Cruz Blur Carbon XC.

The best advice he’s received on riding was to 'push down on the shock before raising up a log'. Thanks to that advice, he still had all his teeth.

His best advice given was getting 3 other people to purchase the Trek 1500 with Ultegra as it was a great deal.

Having been on the bike for so many years, he has has many great moments but some of those that come to mind are, coming in 5th at the SACA Lim Chu Kang Road Race 2003 as it was also his first road race, when he and buddy complete connectig the perfect Single Track loop in Santa Cruz, CA, the second time he rode Gosseberry Mesa in Utah, completing a 40 mile ride from Aptos to Soquel Demo including one of the most awesome poached single tracks on the way down.

His worst cycling moment was crashing in Germany on a road bike and splitting his head open.

His best bike related purchases were his Trek 7000 and a US$350 Marin to replace his father's stolen bike.

His worst bike related purchase was his Schwinn until it seemed to have turned into a pretty good tri bike. So that wasn’t all bad.

His best non bike purchase is his Saris rack that works on his Mustang GT so he can cruise to Santa Cruz with the top down and some Anthem Club music on the stereo. His worst non bike purchase was his Nissan X Trail which he had to pay S$100k for!


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