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Same OM Same Old Story

TA'S Head Hocho aka Oldman
aka COTU (center of the universe)

OldMan (OM) got his name from being older, balder and slower than the young Absolutees. He, along with Doc and Lardo are the original founding members of TeamAbsolut. He currently works as a Software Manager in some big European company. If he didn’t have this job, OM thinks that he would be a car mechanic (who would trust him with their car?) or a dog trainer (since he has a car and no dog probably the former is more likely).

OM has been riding for 26 years and true to TA form has owned a full range of bikes. Here is the list :

1. Raleigh Chopper (first bike)
2. Raleigh Twenty,
3. Schauff,
4. Oyama MTB,
5. Schwinn Cimmaron,
6. GT Avalanche,
7. Merlin Taiga,
8. Litespeed Obed,
9. Cannondale CAAD 3 Road Bike.
10. 2000 Trek 5700
11. 1997 Miyata Slalom Bike
12. Colnago C50

If you think that list was impressive, here’s what he rides now :
1. Trek T1000 Tandem
2. 1999 Litespeed Owl Hollow,
3. 1990 Paramount Series 90 MTB,
4. 2006 Cervelo Soloist Team
5. 2006 Canyo F10 Ultimate

The person that most influenced him to ride is Mother Superior (his super supportive wife) And with his attraction to old school charm, his dream bikes are steel bikes with a Cinelli XCR ad a Pegoretti Marcelo top of the list. However, he will proabably end up with a Cervelo S3 or R3 as his next rig. Currently, he no longer has much interest in new mountain bikes cos he thinks the new generation of mountain bikes are over designed for local trails and he is too old to ride fast on the trails. He has been faithful to his Litespeed Owl Hollow for more than 5 years ad doesn't wish to change. In his many years of riding and crashing, OM has been given lots of advice but the one piece that sticks in his mind was in 1990 along some unknown trail in California: "stay on the center, lots of poison ivy ahead!" Being an old geezer now and out of touch with technology, he stopped giving advice. However, being one of the original members of TeamAbsolut, he just wishes for more new riders to join TeamAbsolut and keep the spirit going. He is happiest when new riders join T@ regularly

Through the years OM has had many an interesting cycling encounters but his best cycling moment was ploughing thru a flash flood with Mother Superior and his 2 kids. Crashing is usually not a good thing and it is no surprise that his worst cycling moment was going down on concrete covered with green moss as his front wheel washed out. Other unforgetable moments are rushing to a race only to realize that he brought 2 left shoes! getting his first podium with T@, pedalling down Mandai road at 72km/h and seeing the faces of the Bangladeshi workers as he overtook their truck

Like the rest of us, OM works hard for his money and his best bike related purchases are his Oakley M-Frames and Shimano Carbon-Fiber shoes. His worst bike related purchase are his late Time Mountain Bike Shoes that delaminated after 1 ride in the rain!

Best non-bike related purchase : Panerai Submersible. How about that for a practical purchase. And his worst non-bike related purchase was a car called Astra. He has promised not to own another Opel no matter how much it has improved.


Comments or criticism can be sent to om@teamabsolut.net

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