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Bring It On

Pain got his nick after he demonstrated that he could finish one lap of Bukit Timah in 23 minutes. By demonstrated we mean that he took us on the ride with him. So we guess that all we were feeling was pain so the name stuck.

He currently does a job that is not related to cycling at all. He has bee riding for a number of years and has accumulated a number of trusty steeds in that time. He use to have an aluminum Vitus, a Look KG171, Cannondale CAAD3, Bridgestone MB3 and and Airborne Ti. He is currently on a Merlin Ti Road bike and a Santa Cruz Superlight for the trails. The person that most influenced him to ride is Ng Mong Heng. Pain is one of the lucky people to be riding both his dream road and MTB bike.

In the years he has been riding, the best advice he has received that the 'spinning is under-rated'. His best advice given on riding is to fit the bike to the rider. And with this advice his best cycling moment was when he discovered how much bike fit helps the rider but also discovering how much bullsh*t there was in bike fit methods.

His best bike purchases are his titanium frames. His worst bike purchase were his 1st generation Shimano wheels. His best non-bike purchase is a Honda Transalp 650 motorcycle and his worst no-bike related purchase was a 1st generation Pentax Optio waterproof camera.


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