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Pascal...for now

Pascal came to join us via the website. His friends call him Taipan as it rhymes with his last name. We haven’t decided if we are going to call him that yet. Pascal will do for now.

He works as a tax consultant but thinks that he may do well as a hotel manager.

He is relatively new to ‘serious’ cycling, having done it for about 3 years. He owned a Giant before upgrading to a Look 585. He also rides a K2 mountain bike.

The person that has most influenced him to ride is Diesel and he hopes that he is as fit as Diesel when he gets to that age!

His dream road bike is the 585 that he is riding currently but with an upgrade to Shimao Dura Ace. His dream mountain bike is a Look 986.

The best advice he’s received is to keep the RPM high. His advice is to just enjoy riding.

His best riding moments are when he is on the road with T@. He hates riding in freezing cold weather (-4 degrees and below). His best bike purchase was his Look 585 frame, which allowed him to get rid of his worst bike purchase - his Giant frame.

His worst non-bike related purchase was buying a car in Singapore. The prices are insane!


Comments or criticism can be sent to pascal@teamabsolut.net

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