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When he first started riding, he was known as Porky. This was mainly due to the fact that he appeared to be that.. and he loved eating pork. Since his first kid was born though, we have re-christened him airpork. He has lost weight, greatly increased his aerobic and anaerobic capacity to the point where he is now putting the hurt on us during the TTT. His current job as a father of two, husband and executive director of a shipping company does not seem to have affected his appetite for riding. Porky has been riding for 10 years now and has left a whole host of bikes in his wake. Among those that he can remember are a ’93 Gary Fisher Steel Hybrid (name since forgotten), ’97 Gary Fisher Joshua X1, ’98 Klein Stage, ’98 GT Avalanche, ’01 Trek 8000 and a ’02 Giant Team ONCE Road Bike. His current rides are a ’01 Bianchi Titanium XL road bike and a Weyless SP dual suspension mountain bike with discs. The person that has inspired him most to ride is his wife Dawn. Actually inspired may not be the exact word as it was more a ‘why don’t you go riding and leave me alone.’

His dream road bike is a titanium road bike with disc brakes that still weights 17 pounds! His dream mountain bike is a more conventional 2003 Trek Fuel 100. In his 10 years of riding, he’s received many pieces of advice. The one he remembers most is “The more you ride, the easier it gets.” His best piece of advice given is “why don’t you loose the extra 20 pounds instead of spending three thousand dollars on those extralight components and only end up saving 1.5 pounds.” If you saw Porky now you would believe that he was a strong believer in his own advice.

His best cycling moments occur every week during the post ride Teh Tarik after TTT. His worst moment was falling down on the downhill section of the Sentosa 2002 MTB race. He sprained his back, broke his saddle and helmet in that crash. His best bike related purchase are his Eggbeater pedals for both his MTB and road bike. His worse bike related purchase is the 1998 RockShox Judy XL. His best non-bike related purchase is some Falken Azenis ST115s for his car right after his worst non-bike purchase which were Falken Sincera, also for this car.

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