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When the rest of us got together to try and decide on a name for him, we couldn’t come up with one that we could agree on. There were many suggestions but none seem to encompass the nature of the rider. After his first race in April, the decision was unanimous, Road runner. Why? Cos no matter how fast we are going, he always seems to have an extra gear to drop us with. One could almost hear the ‘beep, beep’ as he went by. Road runner is currently employed doing ‘stressful’ work in the semiconductor industry. But he knows that if he wasn’t doing this, he would own a Flight Ranch in Brazil.

He currently owns two bikes. A Trek 5500 for the road and a  Giant ATX 890 for the trails (although he has not been spotted on one…ever). He’s been on the bike for a year now and its all thanks to his buddy, Big stick. Due to his short time in the sport of cycling, he doesn’t believe in a dream bike, but we have plenty of time to convince him otherwise.

In line with this belief is the best advice that he’s received on riding, which is that it’s not about the bike. And to return the advice, he says that is about having fun.

Despite winning his first race, he feels that his best cycling moment has yet to come. But he’s quite sure his worst cycling moment was falling of a stationary trainer, at that very race, after being assured that it would be able to handle his high output.

He loves his new cycling shorts and thinks that it is his best bike related purchase next to his 5500 bike. He likes his shorts now cos his worst purchase was his first pair of cycling shorts.

Just to show all of you that he has other skills apart from cycling, his best non-bike related purchase is a Laminar - ICARO 2000 Hang glider. And without hesitation his worst non-bike related purchase are shares of Brokat Technologies (formerly listed on the DAX-Germany)

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