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Snowman all year round

Snowman or 8man (cos it looks like a snowman) got his name cos its actually his last name (well, some facsimile of anyway). He has been sent to St Paul, Minnesota to spread part 6 section 2 of the T@ plan for World Domination™. While some may regard it as a hardship posting with all the snow, he's taken it into his stride for the good of the team. He is a Suppy Chain Manager for a big company which util 2002 was called the Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing company. Its changed it name since, and if you really want to know what it is now, ask him! If he wasn't doing this, he would have 2 part time jobs. One, working in a bike shop in the summer and the other working in a ski shop in the winter.

He's been riding for more then 30 years (32 to be exact) and in that time he's own a whole bunch of bikes. A Olmo road bike, a Trek Pro road bike and a Raleigh Pro road bike. His current rides are a Moots Road bike, a Litespeed Softtail MTB, a Bianchi cyclocross, a Pinarello cyclocross.

The person that most influenced him to ride was a high school buddy that use to work in a bike shop and it was a good way to stay in shape for Nordic skiing.

His dream bike is any bike that Evil rides 'cos it must be fast. His dream mountain bike is a Moots Gristle. The best advice he's received is to 'follow me.' (probably Evil...) His best advice is 'never start what you can't finish.' He best cycling moment is a tie between winning his first bike race and meeting up with T@! His worst cycling moment is when he discovers that he still has something left when he's given up.

His best bike purchase was his Moots and his worst bike purchase was a Litespeed. He should have got the Moots instead. He best non-bike related purchase is anything he can eat and he thinks that he has wasted money on stocks.


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