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Stick is his name and you’ll always remember it as he resembles one. His current occupation is listed as being "an Educator" but like most of us, he would rather being doing nothing for a living. Stick has been riding for 25+ years but can only remember owning a handful of bikes. He has some rather peculiar names for them such as a funky blue thing, a funky red steel racer and more traditional names like an Olmo, a Vitus, a Trek 2200 and a Trek 930SHX. His current rides are a Trek Y33 (the yellow one) for the trails and a 5900 Trek OCLV with cannibalised parts (and some Spinergy wheels).

Growing up the ‘the boyz in the 'hood’ were his biggest influence on getting him on the bike. So with that many years of riding under his belt, his dream road bike is a … Trek OCLV with Dura Ace (yah, I know, so boring...). He has much simpler wishes for his mountain bike which is for it to be anything aluminum or carbon with dual suspension (except an Aleoca!)

In the years, he has had received and given much advice but it always ends up being the same, which is to ‘Wear a helmet.’
His best cycling moment came when he found that he still had enough gas in the tank to stay with a break up South Buona Vista after 80km+ and hang on to 2nd place on one of our eve of public holiday rides.

His worst cycling moment came when he completely bonked at Lornie Road and felt like getting off to push during another one of our eve of public holiday long rides. (you win some you lose some)

His best bike related purchase is actually his most recent, which is his 5900 Trek OCLV! And with the years comes a special kind of wisdom as he feels he has yet to buy any lemons (so far anyway)
Stick feels that as far as non-bike related purchases go, his worst were tickets to Miss Saigon (he woke up when the helicopter landed)

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