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Stick trying to test his helmet at the 2000 Sentosa SAFRA race

I think I started cycling in primary 3. My parents got me a funky blue bike that I zoomed down hills and jammed the back brake to see how long a line of black rubber I could leave. Yup, those were the good old days when the lust for XTR, Dura Ace and girls were non-existent (well, OK, maybe only the XTR & Dura Ace…).

In Primary 5, I got a racing bike that cost $120, was too big for me and had steel everything (I could tell because of the rust that coated everything). But I rode that monster like crazy. Crashed it a few times and come to think of it, those "Sun Race" gears held up pretty well.

I was hooked on cycling and with the neighbourhood guys, we went all over Singapore in the middle of the night when there was less traffic and cooler weather. I went through a number of bikes on loan and purchase. There was a beautiful black Olmo with chromed forks, a really tight Legnano and a Vitus aluminum bike. Tried my hand at a triathlon on the Vitus with Profile aero bars and that turned out to be most excruciatingly painful experience of my life (had cramps from my belly-button to my little toe).

Decided to splurge on a carbon bike but could only afford 3 tubes. So I settled for a Trek 2200 with Shimano 105 STI which served me very well. While studying overseas, I bought a used Trek 930SHX mountain bike which I brought back home and that’s the bike I use for off-road riding. I recently got a Trek OCLV (another splurge!) with Spinergy wheels and it looks damn happening which more than makes up for my riding ability (or rather the lack of it!).

Being in the hospitality industry, I just love to eat and drink but it really doesn’t show (I’m called "Stick" because… you guessed it - I look like one!). Drinking wine and bicycling are my favourite things (OK, there is one other thing but this is not the time or the place… haha) but unfortunately they don’t mix for obvious reasons. Well, that’s the story of Stick!


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