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Yellow Bee

Sting got his nickname after we noticed that he would only wear yellow jerseys to ride. He looked like a bee so Sting it was. Sting himself never knew the origin of his name until now. He is a physicist. As in the science, physics. Not a spelling error. He is currently on the East Coast of America spreading T@s brand of World Domination™. But if he weren’t doing this, he would be a cycling bum.

Although Sting has been doing this for 9 years, he hasn’t had time to buy many bikes or even felt the need. He currently rides a Litespeed Vortex and a Breezer Uptown 8 for his commutes. And his dream bike, is the bike that he is currently riding. Oh well maybe it will change with time. Dream mountain bike, he doesn’t get on the trail so he hasn’t got one…yet. He strongly feels this is a waste of a category.

It comes as no surprise that since Energizer brought him to the ride that he is the one that most influenced him to ride.

Working in the educational line has led Sting to pass on the best advice he has received on riding to all those who will listen which was, ‘How to Suck Wheel.’

His best cycling moment was completing a 1000+km bike journey down the East Coast of Malaysia. But now with work getting in the 'way' it is every ride he completes. Worst cycling moment was much closer to home: The Gap Tooth incident. And now it is missing out on rides.

Best bike related purchase was the Bike Itself. His worst bike related purchase cheap, shoddy cycling clothes.

His best non-bike related purchase is his house.

Worst non-bike related purchase was a plate of Sashimi that gave him Stomach Flu over Xmas and the New Year!!!! No raw food EVER again


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