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Young Man. He thinks that he got this name cos he was the youngest rider in the group. Well, thatís kind of true but he has the boundless energy that is associated with youth and it sort of sounds like his real name. And that is the whole story of his nickname. YM is going to be joining the workforce this year after he graduates. And if he doesnít get a job in engineering, heís going to be a travel writer (lucky bugger).

Heís been riding for about 3 years. (2.5 to be exact as he was bikeless for 6 months when he was in Vancouver). In the 3 years, heís ridden ONE bike, a Mongoose 7.3. While he admits that it is not very exciting, we canít figure out if he plans to stay with it or switch this year. Stay tuned...

We missed out on being the people that most influenced him to ride as his cousin got to him first. But we are grateful nevertheless. 

In the 3 years, YM has developed an eye for Ďdreamí bikes and his Road Bike dreams involve the OCLV Treks used by the USPS team. Having spent time in Canada, his dream mountain bike is a Rocky Mountain Vertex Sc. He welcomes any advice from anyone interested to give him some and will wait till later in life to dish out his own brand of YM wisdom. With his working life yet to start he may get to achieve his best cycling moment which is to do a self supported bike tour around the world. He is still young so he maintains that every moment on the bike is fun so there arenít any Ďbadí days. Hmm.. that line sounds familiar. His best bike purchase is his one and only Mongoose 7.3 but he thinks that he paid and exorbitant price for it that that gets added to his worst bike related purchase.

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