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His name is Zeeman or Z-man. If you have read though the profiles section you would have discovered that a number of people have credited him with introducing them to T@ rides. He is the lynchpin in our quest for World Domination™. How did he get his name? He used to show up at rides in the old Acqua & Sapone zebra striped cycling outfit. So it’s either Zebra or Zeeman. Trust me it works.

He is currently in-between jobs so he may have to revert to his alternate job of selling EPO and DIY blood transfusion kits from home. He’s been riding seriously for about 4 years. He owned a Trek 2300 but has moved on to a BMCTT02 and a 1976 Fuji track bike (fixie).

Rumour has it that he was looking for a group to ride with as part of his triathlon training regime and he heard about this friendly group called T@. So it comes as no surprise that the person who most influenced him to ride is Diesel.

His dream road bike a Custom steel track bike by Johnny Cycles. He doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as a dream mountain bike… The best advice received on riding is to 'ride from your hips.'

The best advice he can give on riding is to ‘hang on to that wheel!’ His best cycling moment was finishing kind of "close" to Lippy and Evil on the final sprint one TTT.

He feels that his worst cycling moments are when mates give up on the team. His best bike-related purchase is an Assos riding cap (go figure??) The worst bike-related purchase is an X-lab rear mounted carbon bottle cage mount.

His best non-bike related purchase is a pair of Clarks Originals- Luggers. His worst non-bike related purchase? $10 Ah Pek shorts from the market.


Comments or criticism can be sent to zeeman@teamabsolut.net

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