SAFRA Mountain Bike Race 2000 – Sentosa

A Day of Punctures & Slides??

Thankfully the day was glorious, with the blue skies & blazing sun when I woke up on that fateful? day. It had been raining for the past few days and when I went to recce the race trail the day before, it was one helluva mud-bath and that didn’t bode too well for me. Then again, guess nothing can deter our competitive spirit to finish and hopefully, win this race. And after many weeks of ego-poking, probing, taunting, most of Team Absolut finally gave in to peer pressure to take part in the race after their lame excuses got viciously shot down by the rest of us (what’s new?). For those that made the honour roll of attendance :

Team Absolut

  • Moi (BeyKha)
  • Doc aka Geek
  • OM
  • Beef
  • Stick
  • Skin
  • Pianoman
  • Cocopops aka Kin
  • Wanker
  • Sandman aka Max
  • Billygoat aka Stefan


In addition, we are pleased to have the company of our Malaysian counterparts (actually, fellow counterparts for me) for this race. They had actually bothered to drive all the way down just to participate in this race and here we are, dishing out one lame excuse after another in order not to…..shame! shame! And our special (crazy) Malaysia guests were :

  • Linda
  • Tom
  • Adli
  • Farizul
  • Ben-Thomas

Prior to the start of the race, some of us decided to go for a warm-up lap so that we’ll be able to better familiarize with the trail conditions. It wasn’t too bad until we reach the end of the trail where we had to ride down 2 awfully steep slopes. And because it was so slippery, my bike literally just washed out under me and I saw that Beef and the rest had the same experience as well. It was pretty comical but rather fun though, sliding with the mud and all….

The veteran’s category came first and OM, Pianoman & Farizul (being the only qualifiers) gave it all they had. OM did very well and actually finished as one of the top few, despite 2 spectacular crashes at you-know-where (the mud-pool slides) and with that ancient bike (c’mon, who still uses thumb-shifters nowadays?) of his too, real kudos to him! Pianoman finished the race while poor Farizul ended with a puncture (again!) and had to drop out.

The ladies category was next. This time round, the response was a teeny-weeny bit better than that of the Bukit Timah race. There were 5 of us (instead of 4) and looking at the competition around me, I was hoping to probably get a 3rd placing. With hopes running up high, I gave it all I could at the start. Unfortunately, just at about 2/3 of the first lap, disaster struck! I heard the dreaded sound coming from the back of my bike and when I looked down, I saw that my back tire is indeed as flat as a pancake. With a heavy heart, I had to make the decision to drop out of the race and pitifully push my bike back. Unfortunately for Linda, she too came down with a flat at the end of her second lap. And it was such a shame cos she was leading the race by quite a distance. However, the flat tire failed to deter her and she went on to finish the race on a flat tire to come in 3rd!!! Pure sportswomanship or plain foolhardiness (to risk damaging her rims and bike)???

Then, came the much awaited moment…..the Men’s Open & the Experts! There were probably a total of over 100 of them. Man, you should have seen the mass orgy at the start of the technical single-track climb! It actually got pretty S&M…….

While our heroes were busy pumping away, we (ala moi, OM & Pianoman) were relegated to our ‘pom-pom’ cheerleader cum water/100Plus feeder roles. At the end of the second lap, we saw Skin going strong and Max just right behind Beef before Max suddenly shouted, "Beef, I’m coming for you, man!" in front of all the public to hear…ahem, too much information here!

At the 4th lap, Doc passed us by with a big grimace on his face, claiming that his knees are cramping up (another usual Absolut excuse) but nonetheless, still decided to go on to finish in the true Absolut spirit. And as for our Wanker, what’re you doing trying to push your bike down those 2 mud slides with those baby steps of yours??? J Should have tried to ride down and if can’t, at least slide down in style…… remember, more mud = more gungho?

Unfortunately, some of them also have to their fair share of punctures. Max (after coming on Beef???) ended with a flat at the end of his 3rd lap and had to withdraw from the race. Cocopops was even more unlucky. He had a flat during the race but being fully equipped with spares, pump and all, he actually bothered to change his tire and went on but alas, barely 10 mins later, that too, failed him again and with no spares left, decided to give up. Tom, who was leading 4th in the Expert category, had to abandon race too at the 5th lap after his chain broke on him. Poor guy!

As for the results , can’t say that I’m too informed but I think Stefan came in 7th in the Expert category & Adli (14th), Skin (10th?), Doc (51st) in the Open.

The whole event only ended at about 2pm and though some of us left with disappointment and others, satisfaction, we must admit that overall, it had been a good and challenging ride in any case and definitely a good way for us Absolut to get together. Let’s continue to keep the competitive Absolut spirit burning in us!!! (eeeee….. so cliché!)

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