Here are the pictures from the SACA Road Race Classic 1 held at NTU in Feburary. Highest finish by TA was third, Spiderman. Bummer and Lippy finished in the top 10. Giddyap controlled the pace for 2 laps then turned it over to the rest. Sting finished despite being involved in a crash early on. Wheelie took part in the Mountain Bike section and finished fifth.

You mean the race 
is on the road?!
Oh well, I'll just shut up and ride Wheelie's in there somewhere

Where is everyone? Nobody move. I dropped my contacts You know if this Helium thing 
works, we'll be rich!

New wonderkind Lippy in action Going so fast the 
background is blurred
Spiderman warming up

Bummer arriving at the race

Pre Race Meditation

The coach giving last second advice

"I'm telling you the Camelbak
 makes you more aero!"

"I hope I don't fall 
at the starting line"

"Hmm..no one else knows about 
the Camelbak advantage?"

"See Camelbak rules!!"

Lippy working hard for TA

Sting after testing his 
helmet on the road..again

Local Pelotons rule!!

"Shit..how come you're always 
there when I look around!"

Lippy sprinting for the cameras

Spidey at the finish

Bummer, Giddyap and 
Lippy making rounds

TA looking as fresh as can be,
 after the race (NOT!)

Pix courtesy of Coach and OM

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