Fangio ready to refuel... but Stick steals the bottle Sandman don't need fluid
Stick pulling the peleton TA on the front Men's Open Cat
Lippy in his new colors Beef coming in for more food Lippy and Per in Men's Open
12k, 10 million served Sting rollin' in Men's Open Men's Open Cat
Fangio in Men's Sport Cat Porky working for the Team Men's Open Cat
TA assault Turn number one TA train
TA train part 2 TA train part 3 Sting making moves in the Men's Open
Lippy & Per in Men's Open Cat Lippy & Per in Men's Open Cat Per at the end of Men's Open Cat
SACA hard at work Disqualified for illegal use of birds "I was going 50 but decided to rest"
BKC holding the flag Men's Sport finish Men's Sport finish
Fangio and Bruce at the end Turbo refueling Full TA support at the race
Podium Occupants  Wanker Turbo Diesel, Sting, Bruce

Thanks to Coach and Gingerman for the great pix

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