OCBC Race Report

Well ... I raced both the Master's and Open categories. The course was quite nice, very open with only a couple of tight turns. I had no official TeamAbsolut teammates in the race, but Old Man was on hand for moral and photographic support. That's all I needed.

First the Masters:

What was the plan? Plans are hard to come by when you are solo, so I teamed up with another solo rider. Between the two of us we decided to cover most of what we could, and get to the finishing straight first, since there was a tailwind and we both could sprint. Greg and Lester from CycleWorx were doing some attacking. I tried a few jumps myself, but not much happened.

Mid race, a slight change in plan, I mentioned that the right thing to do would be to let an attack go, have the group or one of us bridge, and the other go. That is pretty much what happened. Lester gassed it with a lap to go and I was a couple behind him. About halfway through the lap the group paused, I jumped and got a gap, my "teammate" sat up, and I was committed. I grabbed a couple more gears and kept on solo to the line. Nothing fancy and no one was near me at the finish.

The ceremony ... now that was fun. Did I mention the whole race was recorded to be broadcast on SuperSports? We had a lead motor with a camera the whole race. I often found myself attacking to look up and stare into a camera lens. Quite odd.

Back to the ceremony. It was well done. A call up on stage, champagne, champagne spray and an interview for the cameras.

Champagne for all!!


Q: What is your secret to training?
A: Riding with my teammates from TeamAbsolut.

Q: Any special diet?
A: Curry Chicken.

Q: What was your plan?
A: Stay in front of Graham.


The Open:

No teammate this time. Race was more aggressive. Only really one team to contend with, BikeLabz, with special mention to ANZA and Team OCBC. It appeared I was marked.

If a break went and I bridged, BikeLabz would chase us down. It started to rain half-way through the race and it was obvious that some had a hard time cornering. I moved to the front. With 1 lap to go I was in 3rd position.

On the last tight corner, I let a small gap open because of the rain. It was a little too big, the rider in front of me, BikeLabz, jumped and I could not close the gap. The tailwind had become a headwind. I ended up 6th, one out of the money. Felt a bit better when I found the winner had just finished the Tour of Langkawi.

All in all a fun day on the bike. The event was well run and the course fun. Hopefully they do in again next year and I get another sip of bubbly!


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