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Going in style Discussing Plans for the ride GingerMan finally arrives
GingerMan putting his bike together Lippy, Nigel, Hayley, Derek, Big Stick Fueling up for the ride
Our special taxi Great ride Nice quiet road but still wet
Billygoat and Rita Nigel & LIppy going downhill fast! Derek & Big Stick
Big Leg Bushfires everywhere Yes, uphill again
Finally, the hotel Dawn, Oldman, Gingerman, Nigel, Derek, Lippy Topless beach...NOT!
Lippy chasing down Dawn The Daredevil Serious Concentration
This is harder than riding No it's not! Easy as pie
About the price of one microlight View of the sea Bird's Eye of Desaru
Billygoat's turn Wanker cleared for take off GingerMan taking off
I Like! Safe enough kids More Good Food


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