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Team Absolut's first (and probably only) metric century ride.
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Hello control(June)position.jpg (151935 bytes)

Hello, can I book a
taxi to OM's house
Refueling stop and
swapping bull.
Changi Village will never
be the same again
I've been waiting for you guys
for so long my prata is cold.

OM coming out of
the darkness..scary
Eh. the drive thru window
is on the other side
Pianoman thinks the
ride is over..too bad
Elvis spotted in
Changi Village.
The aftermath of
the century ride
Sandman, "How come I have
fang marks on my legs?"
This is special brew
This shirt was tight
before the ride
Can't believe we made it back
in one piece..most anyway.
Skin, "I haven't puked..yet" OM and the shadow
of his lost youth.
Stick is now a twig

Until next holiday eve


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