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On the eve of Hari Raya Haji (HRH), Team Absolut went on another century ride. However, due to some minor technical problems, we didn't end up finishing it. However, any time spent on the bike is good, so we bring the pictures of the ride. For the full story, click here.

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hol1.jpg (179376 bytes)

hol5.jpg (159631 bytes) hol3.jpg (164862 bytes)
According to my trusty GPS, we
are in..... Singapore somwhere
All hail the shoe (hey, you come
up with a better caption then)
Look I found a Power Bar on the road.
It was just lying there. Yummm
hol2.jpg (154382 bytes) hol4.jpg (182567 bytes)
OM and Porky showing the result
of riding in the drops for too long.
(L to R : Spiderman, Lihium, Energizer, OM, Elvis and Porky)
Survivor - the Pasir Panjang episodes,
before the first tribal council
(L to R : Cocopops, Lardo, Skin, Beef, Greg, Elvis, Stick, Porky)


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