This is a routine ride that T@ takes every Tuesday & Thursday. Hence the TTT - Tuesday/Thursday Torture Train. If it souds confusing don't worry, it isn't. With the introduction of the Tuas Checkpoint circuit, this make quite a good ride to start your adventure with us. The TT has gone through some major modifications since it started. Some changes due to us needing more mileage in the ride (the Tuas Loop addition) and other due to unforeseen circumstances (the removal of the Jurong Island loop). In addition to this, the government and the University seem intent on preventing us from riding the Gap, so rather than fighting the holes and construction on the circuit, we steered away from the Gap. Since we have the ‘largest concentration of tandems’ in Singapore (4 in total), we may take them and their stokers out on rides as well.  The ride is the same, just with tandems added to the mix.

If you've been on a ride with us before and want to relive certain parts, click on the words that send the biggest chill up your spine :

Warm Up Tuas Loop Power Station Loop
The Return Racing Home Warm Down
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The group is made up of anything between 3-20 riders (depending on the weather and the number of koi that need to be cared for that day) and of varying standards. Off late, we have found that this means two distinct groups, the ones peaking for racing and all other mortals. The route is broken up into six segments as listed above.

PART ONE (aka The Warm Up)

The ride starts at half past eight in the evening, seeing how most of us have to work like dogs during the day. After the usual excuses are given for the poor performance to come, we set off. The meeting place is at West Coast Park Carpark 1 (along Pasir Panjang Road, just after the wholesale market). We head out to the West Coast Highway away from Pasir Panjang Village. The group pretty much sticks together here catching up on the latest cycling gossip and any new ‘weapons’ that were purchased since the last ride. Most of this part of the ride is in Zone 2 and conversation is still possible. Last minute directions are passed along to any newbies and the ‘broom wagon’ riders are usually designated at this point.


PART TWO (aka Tuas Loop)

At the junction of West Coast Highway, Jalan Buroh and West Coast Road, we make a left turn onto Jalan Buroh. Over the first bridge, the other side of which was the sprint prime on the way back. Pandan Reservoir is now on the right. This is a wide, well-lit road with some cross winds. Like I said earlier, this is suppose to be part of the warm up. Depending on which of the riders are around, the ride can also take off on this road. The combination of short climbs and traffic lights can result in a pretty clean breakaway for those who are brave enough to go for it! The rest of us mortals will be stretching our legs and getting ready for the pain to follow. The route continues past the Jalan Buroh/Penjuru Raod junction, across Jurong Canal. The route is pretty straight until the round-a-bout at Jalan Buroh/Jurong Pier Road. The regroup point for this ride is just before the round-a-bout on the return route. Take the three o’ clock exit and brace yourself. It is short climb along Jurong Pier Road until the Ayer Rajah Expressway junction. Don’t worry, we don’t get on the expressway, it against the law anyway.

The rest of the route runs parallel to the expressway. There are many turnoffs available along the way, so if you get too tired you can always turn back and head to the regroup point and wait for us. First turn back is at the Pioneer Road junction. Next turn around at Benoi Road. Second to last turn is at the Tuas Road round-a-bout. The ride then heads onto Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. The last turnaround point is at the last turn before Malaysia.

Some will proceed until the turn around point under the viaduct. If you do, it means you are heading back. The return route is exactly the opposite as the way out.

PART THREE (aka Power Station Loop)

The rest will proceed to the left on Tuas West Drive (This detour adds an additional 10km to the ride total). This is a wide, smooth road in a mainly industrial area. There is almost no traffic along this road. You will noticed that there are many side roads on the left. Pioneer Road or following Tuas West Drive to the left, will allow you to cut the ride short. So if you find that you are falling behind or your legs are going soft, use these exits to hit Tuas West Road. And make your way back to the re-group point. If you're still feeling strong, Tuas West Drive turns into Tuas South Avenue 1. This road ends on when it meets Tuas South Avenue 3. Here is the bad news. This is geographically the furthest point on the ride. If anything should happen here (like a flat, mechanical or body part failure), it is critical that you let someone know you're in trouble. Otherwise you're going to be in for a long and lonely ride back to the re-group point. Besides, you can't really do a group ride alone, can you?

PART FOUR (aka the return)

We head down Tuas South Avenue 3 which turns into Tuas West Road. Unlike the ride on Tuas West Drive, the wind here is normally a head/cross wind, so stick close. We stay in this road until it ends on Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. A quick right at the very end puts on Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim heading back! The return ride pace from the Tuas Road round-about is similar to the warm up pace. So you if drop off the back on Tuas West Road, you will working much harder to catch up with the rest. So don't get dropped.

Right turn under the AYE at Jurong Pier Road and left on Jalan Buroh will bring you back to the re-group point. Here you will find the rest of the people that turned earlier for reasons only known to them.

PART FIVE (aka racing Home)

After all are reassembled at the regroup point, it is another slow ride back across the bridge at Jurong Canal until the junction at Jalan Buroh and Penjuru Road. This part should look familiar as it is the same return route as Part Two. There are two sprint prime along the way. The first is at the top of the viaduct over Penjuru Road. This is the second flyover on the way back. OM always wins this one. Second prime stands at the last bridge over Sungai Pandan. The top of the climb is the official finish line. The unofficial line is behind where OM stops his sprint!

PART SIX (aka warm down)

After the sprint, the group heads down West Coast Highway back to the carpark.

Again, if you decide to bail halfway, please let someone if you’re heading home or to the regroup point. Like I said before, we don’t leave anyone behind, and we will go back to look for you if you’re not at the regroup point.

This is a hard and fast ride. Group riding skills are a must. Simply put it is a race to Tuas and then back to the regroup point. If you are new at this or not in peak form yet, you can still get a good ride out of it. Stick with the pack for as long as you can then turn around and try to get back to the regroup point before the pack catches with you and runs you over on their return loop! Kidding…



We have a new thing that is sure to add a big smile to your faces. After all TTT rides, Oldman and his gang have now instituted a short trip to the nearby coffee shop for the new TTT. Tuesday/Thursday Teh Tarik. It usually lasts about 30 minutes and is nothing more than a session to sit down and chat with your new found riding buddies.



Bike, liquid refreshment for the ride, some food if you usually need some, a rear light (and a front one if you have one), a good excuse/story on why you're not performing up to standard that night/week/year or whatever. We also recommend a good helmet (but not all of us wear one, a good one that is).  Eat at least 2 hours before you get to the ride. If you've never ridden in a group, try some tips from here.



As mentioned the regroup point is a good place to wait if you have had mechanical or cardiovascular problems along the way. It is midway along the ride. Its purpose to two-fold. It gives us a safe place to wait and recover. Second, it allows us to maintain the ride as a group ride. Slow people don't have to worry about holding the fast ones back (you know who you are!) and everyone will have a good, hard ride, according to their abilities.

The Tuesday ride is at moderate tempo best described as fat burning. Pace is pretty even throughout. Ride should take about 2 hours to complete.

The Thursday ride is more of a speed fest. The hammer drops the minute the group turns onto Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. Pace is very varied depending on break sizes and who shows up Ride should be completed in about 90 minutes.

Regroup for the Tuas Loop is at a small layaway area on Jalan Buroh after the round-a-bout along Jurong Pier Road. If this is your first time with us, it will be pointed out to you on the ride out.

If you find that your fuel stores are low, there are many gas stations on the way back that you can stop at to purchase snacks. As luck would have it, there are none on the side of the road going out. So if you need to, turn back, top up, head to the regroup point and wait for us. While there think of a good story to entertain us with when we get there.

The whole event takes a maximum of 2 hours covering a maximum of 55 kilometers. This includes waiting for the usual latecomers to show up. Don't let the distance scare you. There are many route shorteners along the way. If you do decide to go home anywhere along the way, please let the nearest rider know so that we don’t wait or go around looking for you. (which is what the regroup point is for) We stop to tend to mechanicals and other needs and will not abandon anyone along the way.



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